Saturday, August 1, 2009

Kara no Kyoukai - 06 Oblivion Recording

It was still a very solid KnK movie but I was a bit disappointed because I'm expecting that it would be better than the 5th movie, which was the best KnK movie (so far....we still have Murder Speculation Part 2), but it's only full of Azaka moƩ. It felt like there was a lack of intrigue, gore, and mystery in this episode than its previous predecessor but I was still confused with the story just like when I read the novel version of this. The animation was still superb but the highlight of the animation was the fight between Azaka and the flower thingy. I was also confused with the involvement of Satsuki Kurogiri that he was the magus named Gods Word and his fight with Shiki. Ack, honestly I didn't understand the whole story yet because i watched the movie in 2 parts because I have to go somewhere today...sigh I think I should watch this movie again(but maybe after the midterms). I still think that Shiki is the hottest girl in KnK but I have to admit, Azaka is hot.
Overall, a bit disappointing but I think that's because I have high expectation for it but I think this is still a good movie. I'm looking forward in watching the last KnK movie. I've read the novel and I really like it so I can't wait to watch it...
until then...

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Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 episode 4

Time for unilateral, inconsiderate action.

There are some things a female 13 year old cannot do. One such thing is unilaterally enforcing her will upon other evacuees. For the duration of the episode, Mirai looked a bit helpless. From the crapper to the tower, she didn't look all that impressive as a survivor. I think size and strength shows how helpful it is in such a situation. Imagine being able to shove anyone who gets in your way and not worry about retaliation because you're so fucking big and strong that they'll think long and hard and decide to take your fist anyway.

If Mirai were a 5"10 265lb guy, this situation would be a cakewalk. Everything, from food to supplies to evacuation lines, always getting the best and first-- because of sheer force alone. (especially if the people around are just 120lbs) . Fuck, it would be a steamrolling.... Successive Greco-Roman clinch takedowns on those little nerdy Asian shits who don't accept your dominance. Oh, how disadvantaged the weak are. But come to think of it, that's why weak people exist... so that the strong would have something to devour.

In a disaster zone, it's dog eat dog. It's fucking on! It's not only fine, also rational to take the other guy's rations (bully style) and beat him up if he tries to get it back. It's self first, fuck others. Bitches. Learn MMA.

Anyway, I'm still convincing you guys to get off the Canaan and Haruhi bandwagon and seriously consider watching this anime.

Stay tuned.

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 episode 3

No kindness for medals

Three in a row. Three very realistic episodes in a row, and I'm liking it. The situation just wentfrom bad to worse. That city really got raped by the aftershocks, and worst of all, they almost got pwned by a large wave caused by debris. Personally, I felt sad for all that wasted infrastructure. To imagine my own city's rapid transit lines and freeways crumble just like that would make my eyes bleed. As I love infrastructure, these things represent a certain social core. Tear one of these things apart and society breaks. In their case, good bye bridges, freeways and metro systems. That is a loss of more than several trillion Yen, courtesy of mother Earth.

Then there's the righteous among nations, Mari. She indeed is a great help especially to Mirai. Not that Mirai is incompetent, which is not the case (ep.2). She's just trying her best to do a role beyond her own capability as a 13 year old. Mari's the best character of this episode, doing medal-worthy things to complete strangers but Mirai is right in a way, she's nosy. Compare that to the public who acted very rudely when it's their own safety at stake. To be honest though, I'd shove anyone who gets in my way if I were there. Even if it is a woman or a child, I'll throw them around. I'll never allow anyone to get between me and my safety.

If you haven't watched this yet, or are stuck finding anything significant in 6 straight troll episodes of Haruhi Suzumiya while Kyoto Animation laughs at your ass, stop what you are doing and download this anime. I guarantee enjoyment.

Stay tuned.

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