Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Guilty Crown 16–Quick Post

Lots of shocking revelations this week….btw sorry for the crappy screencaps I got impatient and downloaded the 368p ver of this episode.
GC 16-3*Shu’s Evil Laugh*
Oh wow…Shu is starting to be a psycho with questionable morals but honestly I can’t blame him since he just lost a very kind girl (that we both loved) but what shocked me the most is this…
GC 16-4
Arisa’s reaction perfectly mimics mine…
GOD MY OH! Inori sure is scary and I never thought that behind that angelic face of hers hides a yandere…

GC 16-5
Gasp…Oh my Inori what happened to you? Yes we’ve seen Inori kill soldiers and even students in cold blood but this is in an entirely different level since she killed someone who the viewers knew and its to protect Shu…eerily similar to Mirai Nikki’s Yuno 
GC 16-6
DAT ABS!! *drools* It seems that Gai have been revived by Shuuichiro and Shu’s mom for some reasons we still don’t know. Even the eyebrows guy appeared in this ep…  
GC 16-1
Shu’s heart to heart talk with Inori…
GC 16-2
I wonder what Inori meant by that statement? Its quite disturbing actually coupled with that visual of Inori’s somewhat smiling mouth..seems like she’s up to something.

GC 16-7
GC 16-8
So Shu’s mom is really confirmed to be one of the bad guys. I thought that she’s just being controlled or blackmailed by Shuuichiro to do his bidding. Now I wonder what is Dr. Kurosu’s wishes that involves reviving Gai and Shu collecting different voids.
A surprisingly awesome episode this week and if the writers could top this up more then this series still has the chance to redeem itself after a very shaky start. Finally the annoying Shu is gone and is replaced with a morally twisted one who doesn’t care about hurting other people just to achieve his goal. I’m really hoping that this series will finish with a bang.
Looking forward to more yandere Inori and Shu’s anti-hero take on things…
until then…

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