Saturday, February 28, 2009

Suzumiya Haruhi-chan - 05 & 06

Suzumiya Haruhi-chan - 05

LOL.....It's the best episode so far its so hilarious and to boot that up the animation improved. This episode is a good follow up of the baseball game in the original anime. Good thing the personality of the characters are still there and they are all funny in their own way. What I love in this episode is the haruhi stuff, being abusive and omnipotent at the same time. Oh how I wish there would be a season two. Haruhi is really the best...but I also like Yuki....
I really like the way they inserted some non-chibi pics to emphasize Haruhi's emotions.
Suzumiya Haruhi-chan - 06

The previous episode was Haruhi centered right? Now we will get more doses of the adorable otaku Yuki. There's no way Asahina could beat a cosplaying Yuki 'cause she can cosplay things that are impossible for a human to cosplay. They used non-chibi pics again and I love it and it added more amusement in the episode. Achakura is also adorable and Yuki just like to pick on her. I noticed that Yuki sung Paradise Lost (the OP of Ga-rei -zero-) and of course, its in Yuki version. (Yuki's seiyuu is the seiyuu of Kagura)
Wow, episode 4&5 are much2x better than the previous episode so I'm hoping that it'll still
continue to improve...
until then...

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Shikabane Hime Kuro episode 7

One more bad guy down, one more girl?

The battle against balloon-man continues as Makina and Ouri follow Booby-sama into the school and finish the fight once and for all. However, in the process things happen. Makina gets attacked by an unknown figure while the same guy kills off a part of Booby-sama's existence by making the "happiness monster" vanish. A dying Booby-sama then begs Ouri to make her his hime.

Okay. This episode might be a tad more interesting and would've had more impact if Booby-sama's character was more fleshed out. Instead, what we got was a character who by all accounts is still very flat. What do we know about Booby-sama? 1. She's got boobs, 2.She likes Makina, 3.but it was Ouri that she really liked, and 4. what else? The ending wanted to evoke sympathy from us, but in all honesty, it took none because I can't think of a reason to sympathize with Booby-sama. She's an expendable figure ffs, given how flat her character was. It's ironic that the massive lack of development in her character is as big as her boobs.

In other news, the fight still rages on aganst the Shichisei, and there's no end in sight. Makina finally pwned balloon-man, who turned out to be a dead little girl. lol. Then she gets attacked by this guy who KO's her with one blow. Who's this guy? We don't know! What we know is, it's already episode 7 and they haven't showed anything macro-significant aside from the fact that the Hoshimuras possess the knowledge to create shikabane himes and this was the reason why they were attacked by the Shichisei. That's it.

All in all, this is a classic example of a half-cooked ending. In our language, we call this "supot" (lit. uncircumcised) because it tried to extract emotion but failed miserably, as the audience blurted "meh" instead of crying.

Stay tuned.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Suzumiya Haruhi-chan - 04

All I could say is LOL!!!! It's the best episode so far and the one who made this episode funny was no other than the otaku Yuki. Yuki's antics in this episode revolves in playing ero games, cosplaying, reading cheat game guides and also adopting a pet named Achakura Ryoko. I never expected Asakura to be in this episode but thanks to her feisty attitude and Yuki's actions this episode became my favorite (so far). Wow, I'm liking this version of Yuki....more otaku Yuki please!!

until then..


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White Album episode 8

The seeds of sin have been sown

Well, if it were already, I wouldn't be surprised. After this episode, I am firmly convinced that Touya is Makoto's dad (WA happening in 1986 and all that) and this story will end in a shitstorm. Let me say again, Touya is good for nothing. He takes Yuki for granted and by the time they met, alienation had already set in. That doesn't mean that Yuki is absolved from all this shit, of course she's been unavailable and is in no way acting like a normal girlfriend. But still, you know.... That's the problem with no cell phones. All kinds of shit happens just because there is no communication between the two.

This episode also marks the time where I can safely say that all the girls are indeed bitches. Yes, Rina is already included. She just made Touya her boy toy. Yayoi too, but that kiss was partly Touya's fault anyway because he didn't back away from it this time. Haruka...meh. Who the fuck sleeps on a guy's bed without his knowledge??? Man, why do anime girls love losers. I dunno, Misaki's still pretty much guarded, so is Mana.

In any case, I have run out of words to spite the characters so I'll just hope that some major shit will engulf them all. I hope Touya plays with more fire so that Yuki will see him for who he is. A no good infidel.

But hey, this anime's main strength is that it can make you hate it so much that you'll want to see what happens next.

Stay tuned.

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