Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Rinne no Lagrange–06 (Quick Post)

This week’s episode of LagRin is so Maru~ Maru~ Maru~!!!
LagRin 06-1

LagRin 06-2
Ah so this is what the title is about….Rinne no Lagrange the flower declaration of your heart. Seems like it could be activated with the amount of emotion the pilot experiences in this case Muginami’s words that have hurt and pissed Madoka.

God I just love the direction of this series not only the direction of the story but also the creative direction. I like how the stormy weather reflects the seriousness the series is heading. Those camera angles, facial expressions adds another eeriness/mysteriousness or quirkiness to the characters and they could successfully convey the emotions of the characters. Oh and in Vox Aura, Lympha and Ignis’s take off sequence I just love the contrast of the stormy sky against the neon colored errrr what do you call those lights…back lights?(this is open for correction). Yes there are fanservice but I think it was not the kind that makes you wince or look away instead it tickles your imaginations in a good way and a good example of that is when the girls are hunched over and straddling their seats with that skin tight uniforms…its really sexually appealing lol XD..


LagRin 06-10Oh Moid and his leading questions….what’s wrong with this guy? Letting an enemy pilot Vox Ignis….*sniff* *sniff* I smell something fishy.

LagRin 06-3
Never ever trust an anime character with closed eyes.
Its very obvious that Moid is up to something and its very frustrating that we don’t have a clue on what he’s up to.

LagRin 06-12
Isn’t this sexually appealing? Am I right? lololol XD

LagRin 06-9
WOW….this scene is just so beautiful. I love the contrast of the stormy sky to Vox Aura’s green tail lights(?)

The characters are also superb they may fit your usual archetypes but as you watch them they’ll prove you wrong. A good example of that is Muginami since she may look like your ditzy girl with huge melons at first but as the episode goes by you’ll find out that her character has so much depth. I don’t really know if I could hate Villagiulio (errrr did I get the spelling right?) since his quirky charisma is rubbing in on me but it seems like that shot was really meant to kill off Muginami to piss off Madoka but it seems like Muginami defending her “onii-chan” also works quite well and is still within Villagiulio’s plans….oh darn I don’t know who trust anymore. All seriousness aside I love how this series could insert some comedy in it and yet it doesn’t look out of place in fact it lets the viewers see the other side of the characters.

LagRin 06-11Oh Villagiulio that could have killed Muginami damn it!!

LagRin 06-5 
Darn it even put a hole on the sea floor

LagRin 06-13 
That ‘just as I planned’ grin. Mattaku what are you planning Villagiulio?

LagRin 06-4 

LagRin 06-8 
No wonder you’re a ‘genki’ girl Madoka…you drank too much energy drink

LagRin 06-7
LOL…..Kirius your seriousness is so hilarious!! XD

6 episodes in and LagRin is still one solid entertainment value with its interesting story, dynamic characters, lovely animation and the hilarious comedy. Thank God I finally found a good mecha anime and there’s also Aquerion EVOL which is also released on the same day. As much as I want more mecha fights in next week’s ep, it would be more appropriate if the series would be in revelation/explanation mode next week.
Surprise me again next week LagRin!

until then…

LagRin 06-14LagRin have been giving us awesome End Cards every week but damn this one is so gorgeous. Oh my eyes are so happy!! Whoever illustrated this…*hands down* XD

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