Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Rinne no Lagrange–06 (Quick Post)

This week’s episode of LagRin is so Maru~ Maru~ Maru~!!!
LagRin 06-1

LagRin 06-2
Ah so this is what the title is about….Rinne no Lagrange the flower declaration of your heart. Seems like it could be activated with the amount of emotion the pilot experiences in this case Muginami’s words that have hurt and pissed Madoka.

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Guilty Crown 16–Quick Post

Lots of shocking revelations this week….btw sorry for the crappy screencaps I got impatient and downloaded the 368p ver of this episode.
GC 16-3*Shu’s Evil Laugh*
Oh wow…Shu is starting to be a psycho with questionable morals but honestly I can’t blame him since he just lost a very kind girl (that we both loved) but what shocked me the most is this…
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