Saturday, June 20, 2009

Figures of Happiness review

This post is colored Green in solidarity with the Iranian people and their struggle for a free and fair election.

A shared experience between our peoples (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/People_Power_Revolution)

Rating A-

At first, I was curious because of the good scores it got from HentaiNeko and Animetric so I tried to play the game myself. This game is about this guy who intentionally lets this chick use his life force because she just died and how she pretty much screws his life over becuase she's so fucking wishy-washy about the things she intended to do while using his energy that his body lies in a coma. Damn.

I played the game feeling irritated because of her not keeping true to her word and not returning the life force back on time, and kinda slugged at the stomach because the game also portrays how screwed the character's life became because of it... You know, being reduced to a ghost-like existence and all that, watching your girl beside your bed helpless and (both of you) not being able to do anything about it.. That sucks. I mean, really.

But there aren't any villains in this game in the strictest sense of the word. The girl who "borrowed' your life force ain't no bitch. She's just a normal but somewhat shy girl who just happened to die early due to an accident, and therefore wasn't able to confess to her guy. I didn't feel what I felt while playing Discipline, where I wanted to personally rape the villain myself. Instead, I was quite sympathetic, especially toward the end when she finally gives your life force back, cheers for you and your girl and goes to heaven. At that moment, the villainness-level of her character just drops to 0% and you'll almost feel pity towards her.

I didn't mind the other girl's paths, by the way. Some are downright silly, such as ms. Death.

And yes, this game is reviewed from the Mio route.

Stay tuned.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Eden of the East episode 10

Terrorists, assemble!

Episode 10 was explosive. Somehow, somebody decided to dump all the revelations in this episode. In a span of 22 minutes, the identity of Mr.Outside and his background is revealed, as well as the identities and intentions of the other Selecao phone pals. It turns out Takizawa used to be one of them but encountered some major double crossing that caused him to wipe his own memory off.

It's clear folks, the Selecao is directly involved in launching missiles and wiping out NEETS. If the second careless Monday happens, it's time to see some fireworks! What's Saki and her nerd squad gonna do? The other guys have their hands full with the human avalanche while Saki herself is in a BSOD state right now. Will the missiles explode or not? Why not call BOPE for some kickass urban action! Since we're talking explosives here, why not?

Yes, Takizawa is one of them, but at the same time, he isn't. He's a phone pal, but he's not up to killing people yet. Time is running out for him, and maybe for some patches of pavement, too because they will get cratered again. Cool episode, I hope they don't mess it up next week.

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