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Kaicho wa Maid-sama! - 08


Mattaku, this series really never fails to amaze me. Like I said in my previous posts, this series just keeps getting better and better every time I watch it. In my spring preview(I think...) I said that this series reminds me of Special A and Skip Beat and now with President Igarashi's appearance, it reminds me of Hana Yori Dango (it's episode 2 I think) specially the part when Tsukasa tries to emphasize to Tsukushi that everything in this world could be moved by money. Which reminds me I have yet to finish the Korean version of Hana Yori, damn so many things to watch too little time T_T. This episode is probably my favourite episode so far (huh…I feel a sense of dé ja vu) it's just so awesome specifically when Misaki muttered under her breath Usui's name and then with impeccable timing, Usui saved Misaki (LOL….so much for their argument, it's short lived).

The episode started with a recap of what happened last episode and then we see the vice-president of Miyabigaoka and the council's other members dropped by Misaki's place and they brought gifts from Igarashi. Misaki tries to refuse the gifts but the vice-president insisted so Misaki accepted the gift and he even offered to have Misaki's sister enroll also in Miyabigaoka and saying that she should consider the offer for her sister's sake. Miyabigaoka will wait for Misaki's favourable reply in 3 days and the vice-president and his henchmen left. While walking to school, she keeps spacing out and they started talking about the offer of Miyabigaoka. Sakura doesn't want Misaki to accept the offer since she said they were counting on her but Shizuko scold Sakura and said that if they would consider Misaki's future then they shouldn't let emotion get hold of their judgement since it's not bad to graduate from a well known school. At school, she overheard some guys talking that it's better for her to be at Miyabigaoka and if she leaves then they'll be able to do whatever they want like before and Misaki left with a shocked look on her face (Honestly, even though I know what will happen in this episode, I felt that Misaki was really considering to transfer because of what people around her are saying). Then the guys who caused the ruckus last episode, knocked the head of one of the guys saying those things and they said that how could they say those things and they told them that Misaki stood up for them when they got in trouble with Miyabigaoka and we could see from that scene that they(the guys talking about Misaki's) don't really hate Misaki, it's just that they can't stop her from going if she would make a choice. At the student council room, we see Yukimura working hard and Usui entered the room and Yukimura become flustered (he must be remembering the kiss hahaha!!! Poor Yukimura his first kiss got snatched by a man) and Misaki entered the room and saw Usui and told him that he shouldn't be hanging around in the student council room if he doesn't have a business there and Usui told her that he does have a business with her and asked her on what she's going to do with the offer of Miyabigaoka. Misaki then started to say that she is the president of Seika but then she cuts off in the middle of her speech and instead told Usui that it might be nice to be freed from a stalker like Usui and she left the room (Aw, she's still pissed at Usui. I really like it when Misa-chan is playing hard to get XD). At home since their mother is still at work, Suzuna was in charge of cooking and to Misaki's surprise the food she served looks luxurious and began to suspect that it was a gift again by the Miyabigaoka guys. Suzuna then said that she was the one who made the food and that it is just made of bean curd that was just made to look like high class food (Sugoi, my first thoughts in this scene is that Suzuna could make a profit out of her cooking specially to those who are vegetarian and she could also sell it to people who are as poor as them). While they were eating, Misaki asked Suzuna if she wants to go to Miyabigaoka and Suzuna said that if they had the money to go there she would buy a king crab instead (hahaha!!! So maybe that's a no). At school, Misaki was seen always spacing out thinking about something and it was noticed by the people around her.

Three days after, Sakura wants to invite Misaki to a concert so she called her and Misaki revealed that she's at Miyabigaoka and Sakura asked what's she's doing there but Misaki apologized to her and said that she'll just call later and she closed her phone. Sakura tried calling back but Misaki isn't picking up and they started to wonder what's she's doing in Miyabigaoka, what she's planning to do and why is she making such an important decision alone. They then realized that they were always relying on Misaki that they have forgotten to know her feelings and they said that if they want to get Misaki back they need to fight seriously too. At Miyabigaoka, Misaki was about to meet the student council president and she was about to decline the offer but as the drinks was being served the Miyabigaoka student serving the drinks tripped (I think Igarashi was the one who tripped him poor guy and of course poor Misa-chan) and the drinks all went to Misaki drenching her. Back at Seika, Shizuko braged in the student council room and asked the people there to come with them to Miyabigaoka and told them that Misaki is currently in Miyabigaoka and if Misaki ends up going in Miyabigaoka, it would be partly their fault for not stopping her and with that everyone went to get Misaki-hime back. Back at Miyabigaoka, Misaki was taking a shower (HOLY CRAP!!! Misaki is so hot with her hair tied in a pony tail and she even wears that embarrassed expression of hers and add the fact that she's half naked *nose bleed*XD) and when she was finished she's looking for her uniform but it was not there. Igarashi started knocking and asked her if she's alright and she asked where's her uniform and Igarashi said that they washed it and a replacement clothes was left there but Misaki is still reluctant is wearing that clothes so Igarashi all kinds of questions so that he'll a reason to check up on her (you damn pervert don't you lay your perverted hand on Misaki!!) and he was about to enter the room but Misaki the door handle desperately saying that she's alright it's just that the clothes are embarrassing to wear but Igarashi was still intent on entering the room to see if she was uninjured or not and Misaki said that she'll get change just give her 10 seconds. Igarashi then started counting ang Misaki quickly put on the clothes and got out of the room (looking all hot and vulnerable XD) and asked for her uniform. Igarashi then looked surprised and started to giggle and Misaki was like "told you so, I look weird aren't I?" (no Misa-chan it's not weird…it really looks good on you XD XD) then he showed his true intentions. Igarashi then revealed that he knows Misaki is a maid and Misaki tried to run away but all the doors in the room was locked he then said that he was a bit disappointed because he didn't think that she'll fall easily to his trap, he thought that she would put up a fight since she's a maid and a student council president and he even looks forward to seeing what she'll accomplish in Miyabigaoka and Misaki said that he's misunderstanding something but he didn't listen to Misaki and he even throw money at her face and said isn't this enough and if it isn't enough then she should entertain him more (Yeah you wish Tora, you're the one who's misunderstanding things here and Misaki is not a cheap woman that can be bought by your money you conceited rich brat……btw it's not your hard earned money it is your parents' so don't talk all high and mighty like you owned everything!!!). Igarashi even boast that since he's the next heir of the Igarashi Foundation, that amount of money would attract all women in the world and he grabbed Misaki and pinned her on the table and said more things like he's tired of obedient women and added that she came there lured by the money and even mocked Misaki that she's no different from the other that she's just another worthless woman. Misaki then retort that she pity him since he has been looking down on people like that all his life and added that there's not a single person in this world that is worthless and he tried to push off Igarashi's legs but she wasn't successful and said that the reason that she came there today was to decline his offer and she has no intention of quitting being Seika's President. Igarashi then laughed evilly and said that she's really interesting and pinned Misaki's hands totally and Misaki tried to struggle but she's no match for Igarashi's Judo moves and as he was bout to kiss her Misaki silently muttered Usui's name( In this part I was like: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! YOU DAMN PERVERTED I'LL KILL YOU LET MISAKI GO!!! USUI COME NOW SAVE OUR PRINCESS!!!!) and with impeccable timing again, Usui made his entrance and grabbed our damsel in distress (oh btw Usui wearing a Miyabigaoka uniform looks awesome XD it suits him than the sheap looking polo of Seika). As he was saving her he said that she's not someone people could touch nonchalantly and dragged Misaki away. In the hallway, Usui told Misaki that he can't believe that she was fooled by him easily and jokingly told her that she called his name and Misaki was embarrassed and denied that and told him that she didn't called out to him. Misaki then thanked Usui earnestly with her embarrassed face (awwwww Misa-chan is just so adorable here) and remembered that he got her clothes back and asked what would she like to wear the Miyabigaoka uniform or her Seika uniform (I was really hoping that she would picked the Miyabigaoka uniform since the design is really better than her snot colored Seika uniform but oh well….so much for hoping of course she'll pick the Seika uniform) and Misaki grabbed the Seika uniform. As Usui and Misaki leaves Miyabigaoka Misaki was surprised to see everyone from the student council, her friends, the quintuplets and the three idiots waiting outside the gate of Miyabigaoka and told them that she turned down the offer so they shouldn't worry about it anymore. Back to Igarashi's office, we see Igarashi telling his vice-president that Misaki is one interesting woman and it looks like he still has plans for her.

Whoa!!! Awesome!!! I will never get tired of saying this so I'll say it again this show never fails to entertain me week after week, it just keeps getting better and better. Next episode, I think it's an anime original so I don't know what to expect. As for Tora, yes we'll still meet him again and he's still a pain in the ass and I can't wait for that part to be animated.

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