Saturday, July 23, 2011

Steins;Gate - 16 Quick Post

Oh Suzuha *sobs*….Steins;Gate has caught me off guard again…oh damn another emotionally powerful episode

I’m so happy for both of them…*sobs*

Well my speculation was right after all.  Last week’s episode of Steins;Gate, Mayuri was saying that Daru and Suzuha really fits each other and that made me realize that Daru and Suzuha’s hair color and hair style are quite similar in a way and with this episode, I’m surprised that I’m right.  When I tried to dig my memory I felt stupid for not noticing that this show had already thrown a clue that Daru and Suzuha are related. Remember the time when Okabe stopped Suzuha from leaving? Remember that Suzuha said that she went to look for her dad in a time traveling convention and she didn’t find him? Remember that Okabe bribed Daru something about Feyris (oh I forgot what it is) and asked him to go back to the lab from the convention and Daru was a bit disappointed that he was called back for nothing. Oh stupid me and my faulty memory for letting that information pass without me noticing. Even though Mayuri is an airhead, at least she’s perceptive that she was able to connect the clues and deduct that Daru is Suzuha’s dad…Barrel Titor.

This episode is really heart wrenching since like I said, we found out that Daru and Suzuha are father and daughter and its quite sad that she has to go back in time but the catch is she can’t go back to 2010 since the time machine only works one way so the gang won’t be able to see her again. Oh of all the time….. and it’s the time of their reunion.

Oh that’s not all…

Throughout the episode I’m having goose bumps but this scene…..I think all of my body hair just stood up when I was watching this. Gosh, its full of dread and despair..

After several hours of Suzuha’s departure, Mr. Braun went to lab to give a letter that came from Suzuha. Oh and the separation and goodbye scene was already sad….it gets more depressing since they found out that Suzuha already died and it was even suicide. If I were Daru, I think I would not get over that since my daughter died way ahead of me and she died in despair.

Damn it Steins;Gate I am not emotionally prepared for this…. O__O

Okabe then tried to change the past by sending a D-mail and thanks to that a lot of things changed as indicated by the divergence meter. Suzuha is still dead but at least in the current time line she died of illness and also this time Mayuri is alive. Sigh, Suzuha is still dead and now Daru doesn’t know that his daughter is Suzuha because the time line changed….sigh this is just sad...

Oh I don’t think she’s off the hook yet….
Now is it time for someone to die again next ep? I got a feeling it’ll be Kurisu….OH NO!

Mayuri didn’t die this time around but I think we came back from the timeline where Kurisu is the one who dies since when Okabe went back to the lab Kurisu is nowhere to be found. The divergence meter might have gone up but its still <1 so I guess that would change a lot of things but not enough to stop what is destined to happen…someone still has to die. Oh I can’t wait to see Okabe’s reaction if Kurisu would die.

Crap the suspense is killing me….why can’t Wednesday come faster >_<

until then…


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