Thursday, August 5, 2010

First Impressions: Kuroshitsuji II & Occult Academy

Kuroshitsuji II


If you watched the first season of Kuroshitsuji and watched the first episode of the second season well, we probably had a similar reaction upon seeing the first episode. I don't want to spoil this series so all I would like to say is this is the surprise in the season, not just because it improved from the first season but…..something else that I can't reveal. I'm fairly happy with the first episode since we got a chance to see a new character and his butler. I don't really like Alois Trancy's character but I've got to admit that his character has depth. I really can't blame him of being such a brat mainly because he grew up in a very abusing environment. Claude on the other hand well, I still like Sebastian but you could really see that he really cherishes Alois but he's too serious and he's a bit inferior to Sebastian in terms of his skills. The OP and ED is really commendable. The OP J-Pop is really catchy and is accompanied by really good visuals. The ending is a nice ballad and I will certainly put it in my ipod.

Overall, a really promising series and I hope we get to see more Alois and Calude in the future episodes. I'm really interested in knowing their background even if Alois keeps pissing me off.

Occult Academy


I think out of all the anime I watched this season this one is on the top of my list. This is one awesome supernatural comedy, every week it never fails to entertain me. In this series we got a tsundere that can rival Misaki from Kaicho wa Maid-sama. She's not your usual tsundere since she keeps on saying that she hates the occult but she's really knowledgeable about the subject. I really have to mention that her facial expressions is really epic from her shocked expression, annoyance and embarrassment it never fails to entertain me *thumbs up*. The premise is really interesting besides the occult we got a time traveler, alien and an esper now, where have I seen this before (remember Haruhi?)? It has been revealed that Fumiaki has been sent to the past to find Nostradamu's Key and destroy it with the hope of preventing a dimensional rift where the aliens came through. I really can't predict where this show is headed but I'll surely follow it till the end to be able to experience more laughs specially with Fumiaki's character and I really like to know what will happen to Maya. I got the feeling that the Key is either Maya or Fumiaki but I think A-1 Pictures will prove me wrong eventually. The OP song doesn't interests me at all but the ED song is awesome accompanied by live action pictures of kids lying in a field. The animation and lighting is just superb, it seems that A-1 has gone all out in this series. I just ,love the character designs in this series, Maya's so beautiful and Fumiaki really looks like an idiot.

A really promising series and I think I could easily recommend this to other people who enjoys comedy with a touch of supernatural. Oh I can't wait for more Maya goodness and to know more revelations so next episode please!!

Next first impression would be Strike Witches and maybe Shiki.

Until then…

~ ja

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