Friday, February 20, 2009

Rideback Episode 6

Rideback girl... is real.

I think that episode 6 is mainly about the dubious nature of GGP's actions rather more than a display or Rin's awesomenes. In this episode, we see a group of teens, Rin's brother included being given a set of unmarked ridebacks to use in rampaging down the street. The youths, being oblivious to their real roles as sacrificial lambs for the GGP's new RideBacks bite the bait and go on a rampage, smashing some windshields on the way... Until the white RideBacks we heard of in episode 4 come in and annihilate the rowdy motorbike gang. Yes, I meant Annihilate. That's what the GGP wanted to happen. To test their tech against "expendables". How very revealing...

Okay. The new RideBacks have arrived and in yet another embarrassing situation for the GGP, Rin undermines them again by dodging her way into helping Kenji, which ultimately failed. That's it. She's cornered. Have we seen the last of Rin? Maybe, but most probably not. You see, Rin's character has developed yet again in this episode. In line with the saying "... fool me twice, shame on me", Rin has made fools of the GGP for the second time and this time, she may not get away lightly.

What does this mean for the characters? Well, for one, Kenji is someone I don't mind dying. He's not even 1/8 of his sister in terms of awesomeness. Maybe he thinks that his little 180 turn to confuse the RideBack is cool, but it isn't. He's a fucking wannabee on wheels. And if he did at least not get manhandled by the RideBacks, then it's cool, but he didn't. He fell like everyone else. How ironic that he who knows alot about theory is the weak in practical use. Damn, if he were a tad better then we should've had a formidable underminer force.

This has something to say about Rin too. For one, she puts feelings above common sense. For the second time, she did something reckless and very risky (first is helping Shouko). Yea yea, fear gives her the adrenaline rush and saving her bro might be reason enough, but that kind of attitude is precisely what gets perfectly good heroes killed. And besides, Kenji is some lad whose not worth saving anyway, not worth the life of the best heroine of 2009.

And me <3 GGP chick

Stay tuned.

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

RideBack episode 5

When you kick the cat, better lie low for a while.

Holy freaking shit. I'm officially a RideBack nuthugger. This week we don't get as much RideBack riding, but we see the main plot start unfolding. The GGP gets a hold of a footage showing Rin's awesome one man rescue mission and is embarrassed about the apparent defeat suffered by their security forces at her hand...so they do what any self respecting dictatorship would do. They set up surveillance on both Big Nose, for actually being a known threat and Rin, because of her connection to Tamayo. Plus, they released the close-up angle of Rin doing an insane stunt, albeit wearing a helmet. By making it public, they would have an easier time tracking her down. Of course, who else consistently sports a long hair and wears a boring white dress?

Early in the episode, I somewhat misunderstood Big Nose when he berated the other RideBack club members for letting Rin go on an awesome ride. I mean, I wanted to say "hey man, she has bigger balls than you so stop acting like that" but later on, I come to learn that Big Nose wasn't acting like an asshole. He was actually doing the logical thing. By telling Rin that he was scrapping Fuego, he attempts to put Rin out of GGP attention for a while (because no rides = no attention). However, the GGP is just that damn good. Rin better stay away from the limelight for now. He's the guerrilla guy, so he must be making sense, right?

I think that the plot development is telegraphed. From the time the backdrop of the story (GGP= NWO) was announced, I kinda knew Rin will one day be this renegade hero who will go head on against the tyrants. Oh well, it's happening now, so I'll just relax and enjoy the show. With that pinned down, all that remains to be seen is how the other RideBack club members will play their respective roles. Would they fight alongside Rin or not?

This is part one of a special RideBack double header. I just got episode 6 so expect my entry for it in a few hours, maybe past midnight here.

Stay tuned.

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