Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 episode 3

No kindness for medals

Three in a row. Three very realistic episodes in a row, and I'm liking it. The situation just wentfrom bad to worse. That city really got raped by the aftershocks, and worst of all, they almost got pwned by a large wave caused by debris. Personally, I felt sad for all that wasted infrastructure. To imagine my own city's rapid transit lines and freeways crumble just like that would make my eyes bleed. As I love infrastructure, these things represent a certain social core. Tear one of these things apart and society breaks. In their case, good bye bridges, freeways and metro systems. That is a loss of more than several trillion Yen, courtesy of mother Earth.

Then there's the righteous among nations, Mari. She indeed is a great help especially to Mirai. Not that Mirai is incompetent, which is not the case (ep.2). She's just trying her best to do a role beyond her own capability as a 13 year old. Mari's the best character of this episode, doing medal-worthy things to complete strangers but Mirai is right in a way, she's nosy. Compare that to the public who acted very rudely when it's their own safety at stake. To be honest though, I'd shove anyone who gets in my way if I were there. Even if it is a woman or a child, I'll throw them around. I'll never allow anyone to get between me and my safety.

If you haven't watched this yet, or are stuck finding anything significant in 6 straight troll episodes of Haruhi Suzumiya while Kyoto Animation laughs at your ass, stop what you are doing and download this anime. I guarantee enjoyment.

Stay tuned.

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