Monday, May 10, 2010

Kaicho wa Maid-sama! - 06


Awesome episode though I felt that the kiss was a bit lacking since Misaki isn't paying much attention since her emotion is very much messed up at that moment and add the fact that idiot Usui jumped off the roof.

The episode opened with Misaki gaining 5 pupils and asked her to be their master. Those quintuplets practically follows Misaki everywhere that when she was about to go to her part time job she has to ran like hell in order to lose those quintuplets and thank goodness Usui's timing is always impeccable that he always grabs Misaki from behind and they were able to lose those quintuplets (Usui's really a stalker, how can he know that Misaki's in trouble and pops up like he could teleport anywhere…no wonder Misaki always call him a perverted alien XD). I really like the comedic effect on that part where Misaki runs away from the quintuplets then we see her doing her work at maid café and that was repeated a couple of times, that was really hilarious. Actually Misaki have taken a liking to her pupils even though she's a man hater (wow our tsundere's tough outer exterior is starting to get soft it's mostly thanks to Usui…..go Usui!!! Persuade her more and she'll accept your feelings XD). She was even willing to tell them that she works in a maid café. There were also a part there where Usui have gathered enough points and challenged Misaki in a card game and Usui won with ease and is rewarded by taking a picture with Misaki. In the picture, Misaki's smile is quite forced and Subaru told Usui that it's ok to retake the picture but Usui said that it's fine since he like the usual Misa-chan the best (Kyaaa!!! If a guy would say that in front of me I'll totally melt XD damn Misaki I'm so envious of you). Thinking that they could beat Misaki in the game since Usui won against her, the three idiots challenged Misa-chan but she's merciless they didn't won (hahaha!!! That's my Misa-chan a very merciless person poor Shiroyan he practiced so much and yet he was beaten by Misa-chan with ease…better luck next time only a perverted alien could beat Misaki ;) ). At school, Misaki went to the rooftop and with flawless timing, Usui is there when Misaki needed him, Usui then said that it's quite unusual for the pres to be go to that place and Misaki said that she just want to cool her head a little. Misaki is actually deliberating whether to tell her pupils about her part time job, that instead of them finding out by surprise, it's better for her to tell them now that she's not as ideal as they think. Misaki then admitted that she's really scared of being seen as a maid and thus destroying their image of Misaki and being ridiculed by them….it's really painful when you get disappointed by the person you look up to (I think in this part, Misaki remembers what happened when her father left their family poor Misa-chan :( ). Usui then said in return that he won't be disappointed no matter what Misaki will do and as a proof of that Usui holds up their picture at the café and Misaki being Misaki has issues with having a picture in her maid uniform panicked and tried to get the picture but instead she accidentally bumped Usui's arm and the picture fell towards Misaki's pupils. Usui then blamed Misaki that it's her fault the picture fell then he offered that she'll get it but Misaki said that by the time he gets to the picture somebody might have found it already then Misaki saw Usui trying to jump off the roof and asked what he's doing and he said that it's the shortest way down and he's gonna take it if Misaki just says so and Misaki asked why does Usui go to such an extent and Usui stole a kiss form Misaki and said that's because he likes Misaki and Usui jumped off the roof. Misaki didn't fully absorbed what happened was frozen in place and she was not able to stop Usui from jumping off the roof (HOLY CRAP!!!! I really love Usui, he does the right things in the right time oh how I wish that a guy is willing to do anything like jumping off the roof for my sake XD XD Misa-chan you're one lucky girl!!). Misaki then ran downstairs towards the place where Usui fell and she found Usui alive and he has the picture and with relief washed over her and he called Usui a bid idiot. The quintuplet then appeared and asked what happened and Misaki was about to tell them that she works in a maid café but Usui covered her mouth and told the quintuplets that she works for him after school and the idiot quintuplets mistaken the job as Usui's bodyguard.

This episode really shows that Usui Takumi is a master of wooing a tsundere character *thumbs up*. A really good episode, I'm really amazed by this series since every week it just gets better and better. Next week would be the introduction of the Miyabigaoka President…..this will be really interesting. Kyaaaa!!!! Can't wait for the next episode!

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