Saturday, August 1, 2009

Kara no Kyoukai - 06 Oblivion Recording

It was still a very solid KnK movie but I was a bit disappointed because I'm expecting that it would be better than the 5th movie, which was the best KnK movie (so far....we still have Murder Speculation Part 2), but it's only full of Azaka moé. It felt like there was a lack of intrigue, gore, and mystery in this episode than its previous predecessor but I was still confused with the story just like when I read the novel version of this. The animation was still superb but the highlight of the animation was the fight between Azaka and the flower thingy. I was also confused with the involvement of Satsuki Kurogiri that he was the magus named Gods Word and his fight with Shiki. Ack, honestly I didn't understand the whole story yet because i watched the movie in 2 parts because I have to go somewhere today...sigh I think I should watch this movie again(but maybe after the midterms). I still think that Shiki is the hottest girl in KnK but I have to admit, Azaka is hot.
Overall, a bit disappointing but I think that's because I have high expectation for it but I think this is still a good movie. I'm looking forward in watching the last KnK movie. I've read the novel and I really like it so I can't wait to watch it...
until then...

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