Friday, March 13, 2009

Rideback Episode 9

Achtung! Der Angriff Beginnt!

The GGP, angered by its string of defeats finally declares martial law and enforces a total lockdown on Japan. Our heroes, 2 of which are already in their watchlist remain in hiding while the existence of the Right to Ride Back is endangered.

The GGP ( or Crybaby Romanoff) meant business in this episode. Who could've thought that this little guerrilla group could bully the national government? That's some serious political power they posess right there, and now they're using it. Hah! the dictators! Who the fuck do they think they are. Confiscating things just because one party decides for it is a bit "un-21st century" isn't it? I understand the protesters more than the GGP or the BMA, or both. Props to four-eyes. He grew balls.

Nice character development for Tamayo. We get to know her background in this episode, how she started her Rideback career, and what kind of dad she had that let her ride one in the first place. Now, I'm really looking forward to what role she'll play in this conflict. She looks pretty intent on continuing the RideBack life, though Rin calls it quits (something I predicted 2 episodes ago).

Sorry if I'm a bit lazy and slow this week. I got bogged down by three papers and a movie presentation, all to be submitted on the same day. I shall take my Final exams next week so expect me to be busy until March 21 at the earliest... Actually, I'm saving my words for the upcoming review of The Sky Crawlers. I just saw the movie about 30 minutes ago and I decided to get this (RideBack) over with so that I could start on it. I loved the movie BTW. I don't understand why some reviews found it boring... I'll come up with a counter to that. Just wait. I'll definitely get it done.


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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

White Album episode 10

Holy Macaroni. This is the reason why I make my music alone

It seems Touya’s given up on the Yuki he knew and is actively riding the Rina and Yayoi wave. Although I’ve seen this play itself out time and again, I still want to watch, just out of spite. Some things are new though, Rina feels vulnerable for the first time, but interestingly keeps calm about it. She even cares more about Yuki’s wasted effort but what’s with the number written in lipstick? Is it Touya’s apartment unit? I don’t know.

Yayoi fell short of the iron lady archetype. Her stalker got under her skin despite her emotionless reply which may have just made him angrier. Now she’s throwing herself at Touya for the third time-- this time for protection Damn…

I don’t see anything new in the story as a whole. It’s just the same “boring boy gets a lot of girls because his girl is changed” story. I am dragging myself to write something new, but the show itself is not helping. It’s just different girls. Now, Touya will preoccupy himself with Rina and Yayoi. No more Misaki. What’s new aside from the girls? Nothing. What’s new about Touya? Nothing as well.

Touya can’t even deliver a beatdown to that jerkoff who looked at him that way. Weaksauce.


You see, this is what I hate about the pop star process. Why do you need to dance around in choreographed steps while singing? It’s gay and unnatural as hell, especially when you also think about rival pop groups and try to compete for ratings. REALITY CHECK: Only idiots judge musicians by their looks! The pop music process of producing stars is ultimately bad for the music. Unlike metal, which comes from the heart, pop music comes from the manipulation of composers and lyricists who do all the work for the artist. All that’s left to for the artist is to sing something alien to him/her. The only singers I take seriously are those who write their songs—and usually, they’re in a band (with exceptions of course). Let me take the opportunity to plug my songs here. Please visit http://www.soundclick.com/djsexmacht or This song for more details. The songs are old though, all made before 2007.

Stay tuned

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

1 day delay for White Album

I cannot do White Album today because all my brain juice was sucked out by that paper I just wrote. Philosophy is not like your average Literature class. Please drop by again tomorrow because by then I could've written an entry since I don't have classes on Wednesday.

And besides... I'm starting to hate the series. In the meanwhile, read this

Stay tuned.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Maria Sama ga Miteru Season 4: Episode 10

I want to find your card... But I must defer it to give way to people who are NOT rushing at all!!!

Note 1: Marimite is one tame piece for a story with an all girls school setting, so tame that it scores a zero in the erotic category. I've just read something that kept Mr.Woody awake all night so I just wanted to share what I think about Marimite.

Note 2: Contrary to what Sleepy said, there aren't any ShimakoXNoriko action in this episode. The farthest I saw was just some hand-clasping before the entire group.

Just for how long will we be forced to watch Yumi's protracted effort to win Touko's heart? Episode 10 was a perfect opportunity for the producers to initiate some plot turns to keep this shit from dragging too long. For instance, they should've done the "Find my card" game this week, instead of postponing it. Noriko and Shimako could've developed their characters more if that happens, and I would've been content.

Well, the finding cards game was I believe done during the earlier seasons. I think this is done during the time when Yumi made the infamous chocolates of death for Sei, correct me if I'm mistaken. But that was an awesome display of scriptwriting fireworks. I am not sure if that will be matched anytime soon. In short, the things that are happening aren't anything new. It's just a new cycle but with the youngins taking the helm. This is also a good opportunity if this season could compare to its predecessors.

Yumi said it so herself, she's not hurrying. She doesn't want Touko to be her soeur ASAP, therefore we need not gorge ourselves with a per week update on Yumi's hunt for Touko's heart. Well, this isn't bad per se, but this has been the trend this whole season. Character development is hurt by this over-emphasis on the Red Roses.. I want to see more C/D, especially from the other rose families. This season had some, but the inequality is still glaring.

Also seen in this episode is the confirmation that Suguru is indeed gay and the love he feels towards the girls is not of the romantic kind. If not romantic, then platonic maybe, but at the same time, if not romantic, then he doesn't desire Sachiko's pure, soft flesh. Did anyone notice that Sachiko's mom didn't suspect some fucking at the toilet? That's the telltale sign, though I'd take Sachiko ANYDAY! (Sachiko looked good this week, haven't you noticed? Motivated animators, maybe.)

This is my take. Disagree if you wish.

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