Saturday, August 1, 2009

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 episode 4

Time for unilateral, inconsiderate action.

There are some things a female 13 year old cannot do. One such thing is unilaterally enforcing her will upon other evacuees. For the duration of the episode, Mirai looked a bit helpless. From the crapper to the tower, she didn't look all that impressive as a survivor. I think size and strength shows how helpful it is in such a situation. Imagine being able to shove anyone who gets in your way and not worry about retaliation because you're so fucking big and strong that they'll think long and hard and decide to take your fist anyway.

If Mirai were a 5"10 265lb guy, this situation would be a cakewalk. Everything, from food to supplies to evacuation lines, always getting the best and first-- because of sheer force alone. (especially if the people around are just 120lbs) . Fuck, it would be a steamrolling.... Successive Greco-Roman clinch takedowns on those little nerdy Asian shits who don't accept your dominance. Oh, how disadvantaged the weak are. But come to think of it, that's why weak people exist... so that the strong would have something to devour.

In a disaster zone, it's dog eat dog. It's fucking on! It's not only fine, also rational to take the other guy's rations (bully style) and beat him up if he tries to get it back. It's self first, fuck others. Bitches. Learn MMA.

Anyway, I'm still convincing you guys to get off the Canaan and Haruhi bandwagon and seriously consider watching this anime.

Stay tuned.

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