Friday, August 14, 2009

Suzumiya Haruhi S2 - 10

If you already hate this show then I this episode won't be able to get your loyalty back. It was just a build up episode but there are still some noteworthy things in this episode. I enjoyed the athletic festival scene at the beginning mainly because of Yuki. I also like the facial expressions of the characters in this episode they are so adorable to look at (KyoAni's moé moé kyun is really powerful this week). I also noticed in one scene, I think I saw Mio in the train.

I'm really interested in watching the animated version of The Sighs but because of the disappointing effect of the endless eight arc, I don't know how to describe it....ummm...it seems like I beggining to get tired of this show.

I'm just wondering...there's this news that this anime would be airing 28 episodes and it airs chronologically right? If that's true then how could they finish the Sighs arc with only 8 episodes left and they also have to fit in some remaining episodes of the rerun? I think they would try to fit in The Sighs in 4 episodes and then the remaining rerun (I think there is only 4 remaining: Episode00 / The Adventures of Mikuru Asahina Episode 00, Live Alive, The Day of Sagittarius, Someday in the Rain) and then we won't be able to see the disappearance to be animated. Unless they plan to air season 3 this coming fall.


until then...


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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 episode 5

Corpses on the floor!

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 remains one of the better shows this season, as it continues its true-to-life appeal by now focusing on the dead. And I particularly liked the restrained approach towards the newly departed. No over-the-top crying or all that shit, just the blank stare of someone who hasn't had the loss sunk in yet. The solemn eeriness of the setting (Corpses lined up on a chapel with stained glass) was particularly striking. That scene had death written all over it.

One more thing that makes this episode great is that lingering worry about Mirai and Yuuki's parents. Mirai talking about her mother while behind her mind, grappling with uncertainty if she's even alive at that point is going to be hard to replicate in real life. Or probably that "coolness" is just her way of denying the inevitable... She even winced at the mass produced curry noodles lol.

My mind is numb because of the exams. Sorry for the gaping lack of insight in this week's entry. Expect a review of Asatte no Houko to be posted anytime within the next 4-5 days.

Stay tuned.

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