Friday, April 3, 2009


While anchored ashore awaiting the new series', I occupied myself with "Bokurano". I also finished the only good ending in Discipline-- at least gang raping the main evil bitch is 100x more satisfying than the ending I encountered last time. This is rape as a weapon, kids. A weapon for us men.

Evil bitches beware. The phallus is more than willing to put you in your place,and there's nothing you can do about it.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Rideback episode 12 (FINAL) and review

A graceful end

RideBack ends not with a political note, not with a military bang but with something centered on Rin's introspective fulfillment. In the end, a military overthrow wasn't needed because some "reformist" elements within the GGP changed its course from being a dominating military force into something under the national government.

The way Rin had her flashbacks was eerily reminiscent of Evangelion. I kinda anticipated the very same thing that happens afterward, a berserker mode which would just annihilate the "enemy", and true enough, Rin managed to defeat the remaining bots but didn't go berserk. So much for 400% synch rates.

In the end, RideBack was not a political series, nor a mecha/sports one, but a girl's version of a bildungsroman. The RideBack itself symbolized freedom from dissatisfaction with life (as evidenced by Rin's "flying-with-rideback" scene) and represented Rin's transition from an alienated ex-ballerina to someone who is more confident in her own abilities. The "struggle" against GGP was just a step on the way. In one way or another, RideBacks represent a journey not just on roads but in life too.

RideBack is a very good series, both technically and story-wise. The characters were pretty much archetypal though, save for Rin herself--but the story makes up for that. Rin was awesome. She's up there in terms of female coolness. She's definitely one of my favorite heroines alongside Matsuri, Lain and the Major. In terms of graphics, Madhouse does a good job, keeping animation fluid and sharp throughout. Overall, RideBack is a well balanced series suitable for general viewing, though the premise itself does not require as much intellectual firepower to understand, unlike the more artsy series'. People from 6 to 60 years old will enjoy this one because its simple and easy to understand.

Stay Tuned.

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Monday, March 30, 2009

Maria Sama ga Miteru Season 4: Episode 13 (FINAL) and review

Gokigenyo, Captain Obvious

Marimite season 4 could've been ended more obviously. Yea yea yea we've got Touko spilling the beans to Yumi, that she's a fake Matsudaira and that she's just some little helpless mouse picked up from the sidewalk, by her second mom who actually needed no pointing from her in the pic. (Captain Obvious) Yea yea yea... and Yumi goes and plays along with the naivete of a second-grade kid because that's what she wanted--to have Touko fondle her rosary for her.

Okay, that aside. Who ever thought that Yumi's card just lay there underneath her bunghole? She might have taken a page from the Great Cornholio, but the fundamental difference is that she isn't supposed to be as barbaric as he is and more importantly, that thing was not a TP, but a perfumed stationery card. Ok, some may say that the most holy divine almighty bunghole emits an immesurably repugnant scent of its own, but does anyone here want to hold a bunghole-smelling card? I don't think so. Unless you're a freak, of course.

Frankly, I don't love the series as much as I did for the previous seasons. Hell, I won't even watch it again. Unlike the first two seasons, which were excellently executed slice-of-life tales about a group of school girls, this fourth one was mainly a story about two adolescents who were too weak for a little honesty. I mean, while we all had fun with arcs such as Sei's love affair with Shiori, Eriko's umbrella man-lover or Shimako and Noriko's "Juzu" affair, all we got for the most part in season 4 was the Tantrums of some girl with drill hair, and how it tormented this Statue of Naivete.

One more thing. What made the first two series' a thing of beauty is that it tried to push the boundaries of things unsettling. While the first two may have had an advantage because by now lesbianism is considered a given in this series, they made it nice by pumping it full with sexual tension. Back then we got girls kissing and fondling each other. Now, what? Nothing. The only thing about the series I reckon that pushed the boundaries was Kanako's episode where her dad had a child with her senior. At that time my expectations were still high (look at my entry about it) but as the series progressed, Touko took over and it gradually turned sour for me.

What exactly transpired that Marimite turned from something that really tried to break norms into someting family friendly. What? Did the producers think that being PG13 was more important than being real with their art and portraying GL with the agressiveness of passion while balancing it with elegance? Are our beloved producers aware of the Dionysian-Apollonian synthesis? Maybe not. It could've been a lot lot lot more Dionysian, the destructive beauty of chaos, conflict and passion. Yes! Passion. Not the half-baked emoshit they provided us. Probably it was because the character that made the most impact, Sei, was absent from this series but Season 4 itself lacked the X-factor that made Marimite a classic. In all honesty. The elegance has gone. Gone are the days when repressed, violent passion between two girl lovers blended perfectly with the prim and proper setting of the atmosphere itself. Lilian has turned into a playground for pre-teens with PMS issues. Just look at the OP. It turned into a poppy tune suited only for 12 year olds. Blah!!! :P

If a season 5 happens, please do not make it a grand narrative about the red roses. I want Sei back and I want more passion... Just like the one Sei and Shiori had between them.

To the folks of Yasashii sekai:

It's been a good 5 weeks. I wished I could've started sooner. Thanks for jacking up my hit counter by a handful and for providing comments (though it was also me most of the time). I had fun discussing my issues with the series with you all.

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

What to expect: Spring 2009

As the first wave of final eps come to shore, it's time for me to announce what series' I shall pick up for the new season. These are my picks. My Co-writer can add more of her own.

My Picks:

Eden of the East

Completion possibility: 100%
Another I.G. work. Interesting premise. I want to know what the missile strikes and the cash in the cellphone is all about. I am a fan of Production I.G., so this is a no-brainer. I watched the trailer days ago, and I instantly decided to take it.

Ristorante Pardiso
Completion Possibility: 100%
Aaah. The master can't resist the temptation of a story about a little chat with old-timers. I don't know much about the series yet, but if it's a story about people sharing stories about the good times, then it's picked.

Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom
Completion Possibility: 65%
A mystery story about killers. Mmmmm, Interesting. But if this series sucks midway through, I'll drop it without second thought. Made by Bee Train whose previous works are dark and gritty weaponfests, I think I know what to expect.

Completion Possibility: 90%
Hell yeah, I like Sci-fi. I like the 21st century but I doubt Gonzo. The premise is interesting, but I hope it doesn't get fucked up.

Natsu no Arashi
Completion Possibility:35%
I am not sure about this series, but the art and premise is interesting enough. If the hero sucks at any point... Sayonara!
Most probably I'll drop this after two episodes though. LOL.


Discipline:Records of a Crusade

Rating: A-

Discipline is a very good game to say the least. Character development very is strong yet unbalanced. In the game, the characters of Leona and Otokawa are I think the most developed, but the other girls all seem like boob-jobs. Anyways, one of the strengths of the game was the development of its main heroine and villainess. I liked (can’t say love, this is just a visual novel) Otokawa from the start, she fucking rocks as a character. Strong, dependable, sweet and intelligent but a bit prudish, she reminded me of my own ideal. I tried to follow her route with as little sex as possible (virtually none beyond panty peeping). I was so-so towards the blue haired girl with big boobs and was “meh” with Nonomiya and Kaneda.

On the other hand, Leona is someone who I tried to like but ultimately wanted to rape. She’s fucking evil to the core. I don’t know with you guys, but to me her shit won’t fly. Her previous atrocities are bad enough (taking over the school, harassing students, being a bitch…). But when it comes to destroying another girl’s (Otokawa’s) soul by drugging her that she shit herself in front of the entire student population, piercing her tits with needles and impregnating her by pouring some guy’s semen all over her vagina at the same day just for the sake of revenge, my blood boiled. I even tried to take a short “break” because that’s something hard to consume, even for a seasoned sukebe like me. I don’t know, but impregnation is a personal taboo. I even said this in my previous eroge reviews, and this is no exception. I don’t like it, Plain and simple. (Though it was as beautiful to watch as it was gut-wrenching.) Btw, I played through END2. I Haven’t tried yet to explore the other endings, so if you have spoilers, please share.

Another strength of the game is its ability to elicit emotion from the player. As I said in the last paragraph, I was so pissed at Leona that I needed to take a short break as she did something really bad. However, I was virtually in the zone as I watched our “Crusaders” (the collective name for our heroes) wage a futile but nevertheless victorious game of baseball before the day of atrocity. It almost felt like their “victory” was my ‘victory” and Otokawa’s personal tutoring and baseball coaching was for me as much as for the male lead. It was awesome. This is a game that draws you in. Good job, scriptwriter.

Character designs are so-so. Mediocre. I mean, they are a bit unrealistic. Girls with purple hair, cyan hair, and boobs so big it may even be a size 57G. Okay, I took it all as a given, because this game is all about a story of a school ruled by a tyrannical heiress and her cohorts against a brave girl who tried to stand up to her and was ultimately punished in the worst possible way. Leona Morimoto is the epitome of “beauty outside, rottenness inside”. Its even got a tranny reverse-futanari. Jeez, man.

Check this out.

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