Friday, March 20, 2009

Suzumiya Haruhi-chan - 07-10

Suzumiya Haruhi-chan - 07
Suzumiya Haruhi-chan -08
Suzumiya Haruhi-chan - 09
Suzumiya Haruhi-chan - 10
find the 7th and 8th episode funnier than the 9th and the 10th mainly because of Itsuki’s reaction to Kyon’s confession, Haruhi’s antics and also the seemingly mischievous Yuki. I like Yuki’s character more than Haruhi in this series mainly because we could see the other side of her personality and that is being an otaku, naughty and even a kung-fu master. I don’t know why I find the 9th episode a bit lacking than the previous episode but oh well, I still enjoyed it. When Itsuki and Kyon dressed as a maid, I had the desire to see Kyonko but sigh, I didn’t get my wish yet but I hope in the future episodes I could see her.

This Haruhi bits really eases my craving for the second season but I’m still hoping that Kadokawa and KyoAni will make it after they make their new series named K-ON!. Please KyoAni you dominated 2008 with Key anime I hope this year would be different. I’m still disappointed at them for their shit announcements, please I don’t want to be more frustrated.

Haruhi S2 please do come *cross fingers*…

Until then…


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White album episode 11

Not even a lick can keep me awake.

Okay, more dilly-dallying from the characters and just one major plot twist. Mind if you skip everything and just watch the part where Touya says he's going to see Yayoi. YAAAWWWN.

The episode, well for most of the time was boring. Haruka, Misaki and Mana should be taken out already, as they are just eyesores when the main focus of the episode is to build up tension for the upcoming concert. Nobody really cared about them anymore, especially that dog Haruka. I never liked Mana and Misaki fell too far down for saving.. Fuck the three shits.

Fortunately, something's brewing. 2, in fact. First is the artificaial miscommunication between Yuki and Touya, which must succeed, as Touya is a weak male lead. Second is the slow moves by Yayoi to capture him away from Yuki's orbit. Indeed, if it's not Rina, its the licker. Yayoi should be named the "Emotional scavenger". She's like a fucking vulture.

I just want this series to end. Don't expect me to cover season 2.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Rideback Episode 10

GGP 1 , Team Ogata 0. A reason to fight, a person to avenge.

Do any of you know the story of Patroclus, the Greek hero who wore Achilles' armor into battle, killed a few baddies but ultimately got killed by Hector? Well, you see, the same thing happened here. In this episode, four-eyes dresses up in Rin's riding suit en route to a protest against the GGP. However, she gets KILLED.Capital K, as she was in the middle of her flag-waving to Rin. One blow to the head and blood spurts out...she might be beheaded too.

I must give kudos to whoever directed this episode. You successfully kept the main plot twist until "that moment". For most of the episode, I expected some more crawling, leading up to battle action (that little trojan planting by the ex-commandos), but not this. Not this. Now, Rin has a personal reason to fight the GGP. She saw this murder before her eyes. Even I never thought that this would happen. Thumbs up for you mate! :)

Though four-eyes was not that major of a character, the thing that made the murder sickening was the her little flashback. That innocent, though sometimes lesbian-like girl who was shown doing friendly stuff then instantly dying after one hell of a whack. Tsk tsk. Poor girl. This coming from a guy who likes brutal rapes and stuff... This shit I just saw was different.

To sum it up, GGP 1, Ogata 0. The GGP scored the first blood, literally.

Stay tuned for the best series of winter 2009, though its already summer here in the Philippines

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Maria Sama ga Miteru Season 4: Episode 11

If you thought Sei was a BAD driver, Suguru is WORSE.

Wohohohoho! What did we get this week? It's the Touko show! This week, we are shown how she systematically burns bridges and makes life hard for herself with her epic denial. She's so good at lying to herself that her mask has gotten so thick, you need a Bunker Buster to crack it.

Good thing Suguru delivered just the right load to deliver the first wave of Bunker busting. Touko gets wet at high speeds, so even he's gay as fuck, he still succeeded in getting her wet enough to plead for him to stop (Bathroom? Bull****!). However, she's got a lot of hang-ups to begin with. First is her delusions about people knowing she's a bastardess and second, her mad, convulted and perverse desire for Yumi.

There is one simple rule I follow in dealing with other people, and it's "be frank everytime." The purpose is twofold. To avoid giving people false hope and to avoid inconvenience on my part. Touko does neither, as she goes from denial to denial until she breaks down.

As immature as Touko was, Yumi was the opposite. She handled the situation very dominantly. Making touko count to one-hundred is a psychological power play, if you don't know why, watch it again. I don't know where and how she grew 10 years in 4 weeks, but heh, I think someone took offense when I typed the words "mental midget", heck it might even be Yumi who read it (she's getting revenge?).

Girl of the week? Noriko. For the 4th time in 11 weeks. Her character is a solid, stable rock devoid of the instability of the other girls.

Stay tuned.

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