Saturday, May 23, 2009

Haruhi season 2 First impressions

Same old...shit?

If three years passed, it never showed. Haruhi's still the same. I don't even know why it took a three year break for these guys to make this second season if they didn't make a major change in terms of animation quality (which is no better than 2006) and why at such an odd time? This series is released very oddly, and I think that Kyoto Animation should've never occupied themselves with crappy series such as CLANNAD and concentrated on this one instead. Seriously, other studios release season 2's with the exact same animation quality right after one or two seasons. This taking too long simply has no excuse. Clannad sucks by the way. It fucking sucks and it's so fucking overrated when it didn't deserve the accolades. Clannad is one of the reasons for the 3 year delay and it fucking sucks to have that series get in the way, to take whatever spot Haruhi should've been using.

Now, if you're from the Philippines and you dispute my claim above, please feel free to drop by RevFlex gym at retiro street and look for the guy who wears a black shirt and running shoes without socks so we can fight it out. I'll even pay for the day's use of the kickboxing ring. To hell with Clannad! Fuck Nagisa! Roast in Peace, bitch!

Frankly, this first episode is getting quite tiring, even after that three year break. I felt that the characters are trying too hard to be weird, or probably the series had already lost its aura. I don't know. I admit I liked the overall atmosphere at first, but Mikuru's fucking weakling character gets under my skin at times, as well as Nagato's Ayanami-like drabness. There's too much moe flying around Haruhi-verse that it's not fun anymore. I thought these guys were weird, but I was mistaken. These people are exact molds off some twisted archetype created by otaku losers, and I don't think it's appealing anymore. You got weakling-moe, genki-moe and drab-moe (for the lack of better terms) in a series which intends to portray the out-of the-ordinary. Guess what, SOS CLUB or whatever the fuck you call yourselves, you guys became the archetypes you originally tried to be not to.

Stay tuned.

PS: Kids, that's why you might want to watch some Josei anime such as NANA or any shoujo/josei manga such as Koukou debut or Pieta . Anime/manga stuff made for women do not have the stupid archetypes mainstream stuff have and generally feature MUCH deeper characters. Try it.

More UFC 98 related PS: War Rashad Evans!! Knock that wannabe samurai Lyoto Machida out!!! War Matt Hughes!

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Haruhi season 2 is next

I'm posting my first impressions later. My co-author can post hers here if she wants to. In the meantime, listen to this really cool cover of Enter Sandman.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Eden of the East episode 6

Some "NEET" technology

I may be an alpha-meathead when it comes to pumping iron and beating people up, but I recognize good technology when I see one, and there's one right here. The digital identification technology developed by Saki's little nerd friend is an absolute win. I've been a fan of HUD's because I'm also a big fan of (Russian) fighter planes (and dogfights) in general, so I enjoy that little bits of information flashing over a transparent surface and the technology shown this week is a step towards the future. A jump. Transforming something military into something suited for civilian use, albeit not done by the industry, but by some little nerd who hangs out with her fellow NEETS-- the very same people "some" like to exterminate earlier in the season. Just imagine strapping one phone with the software unto your head and VOILA, instant personal HUD!

That said, Takizawa makes an unlikely alliance with the guys as on one hand, they call themselves NEETS, while on the other, Takizawa has a past of rounding NEETS up for some unknown reason. I wonder of what use are they of each other aside from being simple friends . On another note, one of them will have his dick lopped off by the dick slicer, but as shown yesterday, he deserves it anyway, being a loser and all that so don't mind him. Better not have his loser genes passed on though the bitch still needs to be tied up herself.

Stay tuned.

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Monday, May 18, 2009

It's Thingle's birthday

Where do I get a real life "replica"?
I just turned 19 fellaz, enjoy the day!

This is a song for y'all!