Friday, July 17, 2009

Spice and wolf episode 00

Horo gets sick and acts like a dog

So Horo had this scheme to punk Lawrence because he doesn't take her drunk-ass jokes. It worked to an extent, partly because the guy's too dense to suspect anything weird, that or Horo can actually feign sickness pretty good. Nothing much happens in this pre-season OVA. It's just nice to see the wolf back in action.

Horo's one of the better animal-human hybrids out there. Not much fake innocence and moe, but a rather balanced personality. She's just proud though.

Stay tuned. Ep 1, the real deal next.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Spice & Wolf 2 next

Still tired from a trip to Tagaytay... Will post in 6 hours.

EDIT: Entry will be delayed, sorry. I am simply too wasted to write anything. Expect episode 00 in 10 hours.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

Rude awakening

The anime starts off by portraying the normal modern-day family in a subtle but detailed way, from the simple personalities of the kids to the demands of their parents' jobs. All too normal I should say, too normal. But this is just a cover for the REAL story, which begins just before the episode ends. A massive, infrastructure-unfriendly earthquake while each member of the family is separated from each other... I think this is all too real, for some reason.

First off, this is a very promising story. I bet they'll show either a dystopian after-distaster world or different accounts of the earthquake (if so, then we'll get new characters next week) either of the two, you read it here. The pacing was satisfactory, the characters are introduced well enough, but not overdone. Nothing much to say about anything else concerning the story lest I be fooled again by the Ga-rei syndrome (kick-ass first ep, bad series) so I'll just keep my other opinions to myself for the time being.

Techinically, the characters looked shounen-ish. The faces look taken straight from some cross breed between Welcome to the NHK and Now and then, here and there. The girl is eerily similar to Misaki, but fortunately does not act like her. The animation's tight but I wonder if they'll keep it that way for the duration of the season.

Definitely promising. I'll be back for more earthquake action.

Stay tuned.

PS: High and Mighty Color's new single with their new vocalist has just been released. Check out this video

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