Friday, August 28, 2009


Sorry if I've been slacking lately but it seems I've been distracted from my current season by two things: First, my undergraduate thesis which I was encouraged to start as early as September-- which is a problem in itself because I still cant make any decision as to make a thesis with either Sartre's concept of existence as struggle, or Camus' absurdism in existentialist Japanese Anime as topic, or to use the libertarianism of Robert Nozick in the context of the state instead. Bottom line, heart says Anime, head says Nozick's libertarianism. Secondly, I've been playing this cool game called Warhammer 40000. I've beeen hooked to it since Wednesday, but fortunately, I still find time to watch Mushishi and you guys can expect a review of the anime soon. One more thing, let's celebrate the fact that I sustained no casualties during the recent midterm exams. Zero. Nil. I got through it all. IMPERIAL WAR CULT! !

Monday, August 24, 2009


This series got me hooked for a while, damn.