Friday, June 4, 2010

Kaicho wa Maid-sama! - 09

Screen Caps courtesy of Random Curiosity

Sorry if this is no late but my PC is not opening up and I think we have to visit the service center of our PC. Sigh, all my anime video files are there so I hope they won't have to reformat it. I also apologize if the screen caps are only few because I don't know how to take screen caps in my netbook so I've taken some screen caps from Random Curiosity.


Last week's episode is based from the famous Japanese tale Momotaro and other various tales that I don't know. It was fun to watch and see the characters from Maid-sama portray the characters from those tales but I somehow felt disappointed and it's probably because last episode was so intense and I'm looking for more but instead we got an omake this time.

To those who've read the tale of Momotaro, then you probably know what will happen in this episode but I'll still summarize what happened in this episode for the sake of those who don't know the story and also because this version of Momotaro is really weird. There were two couples (which was played by Sakura and Yukimura who looked so cute together [they also talk so cute XD], I wonder if the mangaka of Maid-sama had the thought of pairing up those two they look better together than the vocalist that Sakura admired) who are washing their clothes and they stumbled upon a peach and they brought it home. As Sakura baa-san cut the peach, a boy emerged from the peach looking for the demon who have taken the maidens of the villages and terrified the villagers. The boy was on edge so Sakura baa-san told him that Momotaro (Peach boy) should act naturally and thus, the boy was named Momotaro (which was played by Misaki and oh goodness she looks handsome in that get up). Momotaro then said goodbye to his foster parents and since Momotaro is so hot according to Sakura baa-san, she gave him a bag of kibi-dango and he went to hunt the Oni (demon). As Momotaro proceeds in his journey he found a dog, pheasant and a monkey(those three was played by the idiot trio and they really suit the characters) who are trapped in a net and they said they will do anything he ask if he would let them free. So Momotaro let them free but they tried to snag away Momotaro's kibi-dango so he tied them back again. Then appeared a suspicious person (who was played by Usui) and Momotaro asked who he is and he introduced himself as Usui the ring master of the Moron Trio Circus. He explains to Momotrao that he was about to start a circus group but the idiot trio was useless so he decided to just eat them and Momotaro seems to understand his logic and said that if it's for food's sake then he can't stop Usui from eating them. As Usui was about to cook them, Momotaro asked the trio if they know where the Oni lives but they didn't know so Momotaro told Usui that if he doesn't know what to pick he should just mixed them all in a soup and he was about to leave but the monkey told him that he knows where the Oni appeared recently and Momotaro asked where is this village but the trio would only say it he saved them. Momotaro was about to ask Usui if he could have the trio but before he could even speak Usui agreed but in exchange for a kibi-dango. With that Momotaro's journey continued together with the dog, pheasant, monkey and a sketchy ring master 8-bit style which reminds of old Final Fantasy games.

The party arrived at the Seika Village where men are smelly and are living a survival-mode lifestyle since the girls are not there to clean the house, take care of the laundry and cook food (I wonder if this scenario would really happen if girls would have gone missing but I think it's a possibility, since I only know a few guys who could do house-hold chores…no offense guys). The men there told them where to find the Oni Island so they were on the beach and Momotaro was about to sail he noticed some children bullying a turtle and he helped the turtle so the idiot trio thought about the story where if you save a turtle to show its gratitude, it will put you in its shell and it will take you to the palace under the ocean where the sexy Otohime-sama will serve you plenty of seafood and she would also give you the a souvenir but one must be careful of the box she will give as a souvenir because of someone opens it smoke will come out and the one who opened the box will turn old in no time (This is one of the stories I don't know that the creators added here). Momotaro then asked what they are talking about secretly and the idiot trio said it was nothing and they told Momotaro that they'll go to the Oni Island on the back of the turtle thinking that they could escape Momotaro and be free finally. Momotaro agreed and the trio departed but when the turtle went under water they realized they can't breath underwater (LOL the idiot trio is really an idiot). After the idiot trio showed their idiocy, Momotaro and company proceeded on their quest and crossed the ocean towards Oni island. The trio grumbled again that the boat is so puny are they going to be alright what if they got stranded there and they have no food then Momotaro retorted, if that happens they'll just eat the trio. In order not to get eaten, the monkey ordered the pheasant to find Oni island from the sky but when night came the pheasant still didn't came back and they still can't find any land. The monkey and the dog thought that the pheasant had left them there and they were hungry too and Usui remembered something and he was searching his pockets so they dog and monkey got nervous because Usui might eat them but he only remembered that he had one kibi-dango left and he gave it to the dog and monkey and they fight over for a piece of kibi-dango (what the hell is kibi-dango?? Is it delicious??) but the kibi-dango fell into the ocean. Then Otohime-sama (which was played by Suzuna) appeared and asked them what they have dropped: is it a normal kibi-dango, the stack of post cards that could win a year's worth of kibi-dango or is it a post card that could win a Hokkaido sea food set ( LOL…even this Suzuna still likes to participate in raffles. In this scene I went wtf and asked if there is a raffle contest during those times). They admitted that the one they dropped is the normal kibi-dango and as a reward for being honest, Otohime-sama gave them the postcard for the Hokkaido sea food set but the nearest postbox is in the village and the drawing of the postcards is in a month so the postcard was really useless and they wished she should have just given them the kibi-dango. Usui then saw that Momotaro, the dog and the monkey are sleeping so he offered that he'll stay up for him/her(Misaki) but Momotaro pointed his blade at Usui saying that he was just traveling with them for the turn of event but he still doesn't trust Usui then Usui just said to him to do as he please. The pheasant then came back but he came back with a pirate ship named Miyabogaoka then the captain (played by Igarashi) thought that he can't get much from them since they ride on a small boat so at least he'll play with them for a while. Suddenly, a cute turtle (played by Aoi) suddenly appeared so the trio and they thought that the turtle came to say thank you but it was practically useless so the monkey kicked him off the boat(Honestly, I find this part annoying). Igarashi then fired at them but Momotaro was able to cut the bullet and this caught the attention of Igarashi so he tried to capture Momotaro and Usui is here to the rescue and draw a huge bazooka from his coat (wth where did that came from :)) is there a bazooka during those times?) and fired on the ship and it was caught on fire. Morning came and they finally arrived at the Oni island and Momotaro was about to charge in but Usui told him that there's clothes there too blend in so Momotaro decided to use them to disguise themselves. While trying to scout the island using their real forms, the trio found out that Oni Island is full of girls cosplaying as a maid and they thought that the place was paradise then Momotaro smacked their heads and told them that they should remember their mission there and the trio saw Momotaro in a maid clothes and they thought that she was a girl and once again Momotaro smacked their heads and tried to look for Usui. Usui then revealed his true form and he admitted that he is an Oni so Momotaro pointed his blade on Usui and accuse him of kidnapping the girls there. The girls told Momotaro the truth that they decide to live there out of their own choice because they got fed up with the guys at the village so the Oni is innocent and the one at fault are the girls who invaded Usui's home. Usui then yet again get under Misaki's skin by asking her to come with him and this made Misaki flustered and he even told her that it turns him on to be with her. (The last part is probably the best part in this episode. Probably because of Usui's hotness and Misaki blushing XD)

Back to the real world, while Misaki is taking a nap Usui took this opportunity and made Misaki listen to his weird folklore which is probably a way so that Misaki would realize her true feelings toward Usui. (Nice move Usui *thumbs up* take any opportunity you could get XD)

Until then…

~ ja

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Monday, May 31, 2010

Evangelion 2.22 Review

Actually I was expecting this movie to be close to the original anime series like 1.0 but it didn't which adds to the excitement while watching the movie, you don't know what to expect. It still has elements from the original series but they added more twist and mystery to the story to the point that it was gripping I'm so drawn to the movie and I want to know what will happen on the next installment. To think that their source material is almost limited and we're only half of the movie series, I don't really know what to expect anymore which adds to the thrill to the series. Even though the ending of the movie is a cliff hanger, there was a satisfied feeling there but I'm still craving for more. I just can't wait for the next movie and uncover the mysteries laid out in this movie series.

To tell you the truth, I first watched this with a camrip but still I was able to notice that the animation was so good what more if it's blu-ray? My eyes would probably orgasm with happiness too bad I think the copy I had is only the dvd version but nevertheless the animation is still amazing. As expected of Gainax, the animation is superb. The motion is very fluid and the fight scenes is really well animated. The CG people, buildings, cars etc. really goes well with the 2D ones. The coloring of the scenes really reflect the scenes well and it adds to the emotional value of the series, its simply breath taking. Oh by the way, I have to tip my hat to the ones who designed the test plug suit of Asuka, it even made her more hot but my only rant is the scenes with that plug suit is so limited and I want more. Sigh, I really wish I could understand Japanese because if I could I would have seen more since the focus of my eyes is mostly following the subtitles.

I can't properly remember the original series but if my memory serves me right, it's the first time that I saw Rei and Asuka act like that. I don't think they showed any love interest with Shinji before so I was so surprised to see them act like that which add to the entertaining factor of the movie. With Asuka's changed name, her character has also changed and I like this new Asuka she's so adorable specially in her deredere mode. I think the characters are developed enough for me to like most of them. Their struggles are believable that I could almost relate to them. Mari was also added to the cast and she's easy to like but little is known about her. By the way, I really love Maaya Sakamoto as Mari since she really has a wide range I almost didn't recognize her as Mari because her style here is a bit different, it's not your usual Maaya Sakamoto.

I really like the contrast of the bgm with the scene it was accompanied with like when there's this brutal scene but the song playing on the background is very light hearted and peaceful, it surprisingly fit the scene. Actually, from the opening up to Utada Hikaru's ending song, it's really commendable. The bgm of this series really adds to the emotional value of the movie, it's so appropriate and beautiful.

Honestly, what's not to like in this movie? This movie is simply epic. From the whole entirety of the movie I was either grinning with pleasure or my mouth is wide open with awe. I also wouldn't want to blink so I won't miss anything since I think everything in the movie is really important and is probably a clue on what would happen on the next movie. The pacing of this movie is just right, nothing seems slow or rushed up. I really think that this movie really well planned since everything in the movie was well done as well. I could say that this series is at par with movies like The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Spirited Away and Summer Wars, this is simple epic. This movie is way2x better than the first one so I expect more from this Movie series.



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