Saturday, October 16, 2010

First Impressions: MM! - 01

Help by Ayana Taketatsu
This is just so-so but I like watching the different facial expressions of the character


Actually this show isn't half bad, it might look boring from the promotional video and the summary but the story seems promising. I'm really surprised that there is only little amount of fanservice in the first two episodes of this series despite that it's an ecchi anime and I think that's a good thing.

We have Sado Tarou who wants to cure his Masochism so he asked help of the Volutary Club and Isurugi Mio decided to help him but the really funny part is even if she says she helps Tarou all she did was hurt him more. I really enjoyed seeing Tarou got beaten up not only by Mio but also in the hands of the cute Arashiko Yuno who doesn't like guys. This show really has an array of interesting characters like the sister of Tarou who has a brother complex and his mother who has a son complex. Oh let's not forget the surprise of the episode, someone Tarou knew but he didn't know he's a trap and a one hot trap I must say. Oh my, why does traps in 2D is so much cuter and hotter than the 3D ones I see on conventions.

I just love the character design of this show, Mio and Yuno just look so adorable. The animation is also not bad it's definitely above average so I could say good job to XEBECS I just hope the quality won't drop as the episode progresses.

I also had a chance to watch the second episodes and I think it was interesting to see the background story of the characters. So far it seems that this show doesn't hold back it's character development.

The bgm so far is so-so, I haven't even noticed it maybe because I'm enjoying the series. The OP song was so-so nothing worthy of mention but the animation that accompanied that was really entertaining, I really enjoyed seeing Mio XD. The ED on the other hand was cute but the song isn't that catchy.

Oh my, another tsundere on my growing list and I'm liking Mio so far but of course I also like Yuno she's really adorable. So far I'm enjoying the show so yep I'll stick with this.

Until then…


More-more LOVERS!! by Natsuko Asou
Isn't that catchy but the animation sure is cute XD

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

First Impression: Panty & Stocking - 01

Theme for Panty and Stocking by Hoshina Anniversary


I really enjoyed the first episode of this series. Like what I said on my tweet, it reminds me of Powerpuff Girls with a touch of green humour. The promotional poster and character design have mislead me into thinking that this is a kiddie show and after watching it, my mouth was left hanging with surprise mainly because of the antics of the characters and with the non stop action this show has delivered.

This show is actually like a western cartoon from it's character design, animation and episode format so I have the feeling that the plot will be quite simple.

Now let's go the animation style, all I could say that it was epic in my eyes since it's my first time seeing a Japanese anime take this kind of approach and still looked cool and very stylish. Oh I almost forgot to mention during Panty & Stocking's transformation, it was a nice idea to make them look sexy and in their full anime glory, it makes the audience crave for more their anime sexiness. I also have to note that the animators used a unique way of explosion during the end of every battle. Even though this series is in the ecchi-comedy genre, it doesn't disgust me like other shows with the same genre and I think that's because of the unique style of the show and how they delivered the green jokes.

The background music of this series is simply epic, it reminds me of the bgm of Gurren Lagann. The bgm varies and they are really catchy. The OP song was so-so didn't hate nor like it but the animation that accompanied that song was very stylish. I like the ED more than the OP it's really catchy and it sounds like a western song.

I actually had a chance to watch the 2nd episode and I think it's a lot tame and I'm a bit disappointed but I'm still looking forward for the next episode. I want more gun totting Panty and sword swinging Stocking and of course I want to laugh my heart out to the jokes and ridiculousness of this series.

Until then…

~ ja

Fallen Angel by Aimee B
I actually like the ED song more than then OP. A really catchy song and surprisingly it's in english

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