Monday, March 5, 2012

Black Rock Shooter - 05 (Quick Post)

BRS 05-1Hell yeah! Here comes Insane Black Rock Shooter! My body is ready!
Lots of revelations this week but also lots of questions has been added to the pile…
Also…lots of people have gone Insane…
BRS 05-2OMG Yomi have cracked…
BRS 05-7BRS 05-8BRS 05-9BRS 05-10BRS 05-11
So the ‘otherworld’ is not really a metaphor of the character’s struggles in the ‘real world’ instead it really exists. So apparently if your ‘other self’ dies then the ‘real you’ will be set free from the grief but at the same time you’ll forget the source of that grief and in the case of Yomi she’ll forget Mato. That would really be convenient but it seems like in that way, your running away from your problems instead of facing them so I kind of agree with Mato’s view…
BRS 05-13
BRS 05-14BRS 05-20BRS 05-21
Seriously guys she has a point…
BRS 05-4BRS 05-5
Who the hell is Yuu? Why did everyone forgot about her and even Mato’s memory of her is quite fuzzy.
I’m starting to think that Yuu is a ghost seriously specially when she  transferred Mato’s consciousness to BRS notice she doesn’t have any shadow. My speculation is that if you become one with your ‘otherself’ somehow you’ll end up like Yuu whose entire existence have disappeared except for those fuzzy memories of Mato but that theory can’t explain why Saya is still present even though it is implied that she’s already linked with BGS. Another speculation is maybe Yuu already died in the ‘real world’ but is still somehow alive through Strength.
BRS 05-18And my Yuri alarm just went off…*clears throat*
Notice Yuu doesn’t have any shadow…
BRS 05-22
This two seems to know each other and they are the only ones we know who have already become one with their other selves.
I still don’t know what this psycho Saya plans with scaring little girls and giving them mental issues thus linking them to the bodies she ‘grows’ in the ‘other world’. Is it just for the kicks or for her own self satisfaction? Either way its very cruel.
BRS 05-16I don’t think that’s Yuu…I think its BRS directly speaking to you.
BRS 05-23BRS 05-24BRS 05-25BRS 05-15
Man oh man….talk about bad timing.
Mato already knows that she’s the reason behind Yomi’s breakdown but add the the timing when Mato linked with BRS and through her eyes she saw herself stabbing Dead Master/Yomi. No wonder BRS have gone into insane mode and damn that cliffhanger!!

BRS 05-12BRS 05-17
Btw I have to commend the action this week they were able to top it up a notch with those awesome choreography and fluid animation. But what makes it more fun is that now we know that the ‘other world’s’ battle has a significance unlike in the OVA which I found a bit inappropriate. Also the BGM adds to the overall dark feel of the series and the animation direction is also lovely.
BRS 05-3OMG…I hope this is not a death flag. I don’t want BRS nor Mato to die damn it!
I’m loving BRS already and this is the best episode so far but still it has its issues like the pacing and characterization. The writer could have fleshed out the side characters more like Yomi but due to time constraints the build up is solely for Mato’s character. With only 8 eps I think that’s inevitable…they should have made this into a 12 ep anime. So here’s to hoping for a second season.
BRS 05-19Insanity breaks you
This animation is so darn sexy and a good way to end the episode in a high note.
Episode 6 Screencaps…I hope this will alleviate your BRS needs even for just a bit. Enjoy!

Hell yeah!! IBRS and BGS face off!! FTW!
Oh wow…Saya is such a spitting image of BGS and darn she knows Yuu!
Depending on the outcome of the BRS anime I think I’ll consider buying the Limited Ed ver DVD with this beautiful figma. Damn it I’m already broke! Its damn it its 25,200JPY. I guess its time to save for this and the 1/8 figure scale of Ultimate Madoka.
2012 Figures Y U SO attractive and expensive?!
Darn it can’t wait for friday!!
until then…

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