Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ookami-san - 06 Quick Post

Finally, we're heading somewhere here. This is one touching episode since this episode revealed the past of Ryouko and we're given a hint why Ryouko was so shocked in seeing Hitsujikai last episode.

That Bastard...I don't know what he did to Ryouko but my bet is he tried to rape her...damn him..

Ryouko's friends didn't believe her when she tried to tell them what Hitsujikai tried to do to her. Good thing that she left her friends before and found Ringo instead since you can't consider those kind of people as your friend.

Ryouko would have been honest to herself if only she didn't met that bastard Hitsujikai. I really want to know what happened between those two

Sigh, I really feel sorry for her.... Don't worry Ryouko, Ryoushi's way2x better than Hitsujikai when are you going to answer him?!

Dude, I salute you for your persistence. Keep doing it and she'll fell for you too like I'm starting to fell for you (lol omit the last part) :))

*I can't promise to post another recap on Ookami-san 'cause that depends on my schedule and if I enjoyed the episode.

until then...


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