Friday, March 27, 2009

Rideback Episode 11

The BMA looks to even the score. GGP 1, Team Ogata 1
Anguished over Suzuri's death last week, Rin and her clubmates try to cope up with the loss in their own ways while the top BMA instigators prepare to launch a full scale assault. However, the GGP won't go down easily, as they introduce an entirely new kind of RideBack, a fully automated one.... and use it against our heroes.

To say that this week's episode is awesome is an understatement. In fact, it's coolness rating is off the scale, especially the last 5 minutes or so. Rin transitions from emo mode to being the heroine she became famous for. I don't really think the automated RideBacks will prevail. Contrary to what others think, Tamayo and Rin are too good for those computers. They won't fall. Moreover, a lot of BMA guys have their death flags raised. This includes all the goons, but not Okakura and Kiefer. The next episode will be a bloodbath. I'm sure of it.

Honestly, Suzuri's death was not executed really well. For me it seemed rushed and it looked as if she only died to fuel Rin's morale. The fact that Suzuri is a minor, one-dimensional character who just happened to be Rin's friend does not make her death scene all that traumatic. Yea it may hit you like a truck the first time you see it, but after a week, it turns into "Meh", considering she didn't "die" but was just used to advance a plot. In short, Suzuri was a tool. .. But if it takes a tool to kickstart Rin Ogata's depleted fighting spirit, so be it. Fortunately, the series is going back to the action packed mode I love. They should keep it up until the end!

PS: I like how Rin looks this week. It must be her clothes.

Stay tuned

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Of Phones and Games

The phone

I have recently learned to make themes for the Nseries because I found out that wallpapers only cover half the screen if you try to apply it the old way. So I tried out the theme creating site (www.ownskins.com) and fair enough, I did my first works which can be seen on the ff: photos.

The first one is a 5/cm per second theme in which the background pic I stumbled upon somewhere in the blogosphere. Sorry about the camera, but I just can’t seem to get a clean shot of this theme. The second is kinda like a girl with a fish whose background I got from danbooru. This time, I got a cleaner shot, but I still had some difficulty getting a steady photo.

I put both up for download, so if you guys want to use the said themes, you can download them at http://www.ownskin.com/theme_detail?t=2TQRVSLq for the fish and http://www.ownskin.com/theme_detail?t=g2lK83B0 for the 5cm/s theme.

The game

This is the meat part of the entry. Just earlier last night, I went to the game store I frequent in hopes of finding maybe one or two new visual novels. It’s a good thing I went there today, because these copies I show you are the last ones left in the store. That’s it. If someone got it before me, it’s game over. As usual, I just took it right away and ran off with a red face, because the one manning the cash register is a chick who I didn’t even look at in fear of looking like a perverted freak. No way. I just took my stuff and Gtfo!...

Let’s see. At the moment, I’ve just started this game called Discipline. Pretty cheesy title, but I think it promises some BDSM by the look of the cover. I haven’t actually gone past the menu yet, since I decided to look at reviews and walkthroughs first before playing. The other two I can try some other day. Bazooka Café sounds like a typical brainless smutfest, so I’d put it on the bottom of my priority list. And this other one about the hot teacher is just meh… Although I’d still try all of them, I’ll put my time on this Discipline game. It just sounds more menacing than the other two.

Anyway, I just feel like gloating right now because this is a reaaally perfectly timed buy. I could’ve ended up with none hadn’t I dropped by earlier today.


Monday, March 23, 2009

White Album episode 12

Leading up to the big day. Nice boat? Noch Nicht.

Episode 12 was one of the better episodes of the series as the story broke from the monotonous crap which was the last two weeks or so and did some real plot movement. Touya is still a cheater though, even if he already knows all too well about Yuki’s real feelings. That same cheating attitude got him fired by Rina, who is acting more like the best girl, though her little stray out of line at the beginning of the episode tells us that even she is not perfect. Mana Mizuki’s mom is the manager if the brats who want to steal the two girls’ thunder and the rapist jerk “stabs” Misaki, a blatant tease to fans wanting a nice boat to happen.

The best character of this week happened to be Rina for standing by her principles and firing the jerk who “hurt” her friend (which is impossible). Mana follows because of her being instrumental for Touya to have that much coveted ticket. Misaki and Haruka are “too late the heroes”, although three tickets are better than one and I enjoyed seeing Misaki crumple down the floor in a faux-stabbing attack. What did that dude Akira do again? Nothing, but then again, Touya’s no better. Yayoi slumps down the rankings big time. I don’t like cheaters, but I hate people who lick other people more.

On the other hand, Yuki’s also at fault. She should’ve said this at the beginning, that she won’t be able to communicate with Touya for the meantime. All that “let’s-keep-it-hush-hush” crap is useless if you can’t stand by it. She’s a mental midget FFS. This kind of people are the ones who cannot cope up when they are not themselves. It’s like Cro Cop (not taking anything away from the LHK master), but they’re the same. Once things aren’t comfortable, they break. In this case, Yuki’s almost close to breaking because she wants that cheating jerk so bad, she’ll do anything.

I’m pretty much saving my words for next week, so if you may, please follow this blog until the final episode of the series that is wracked with mediocrity. Stay tuned.

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Maria Sama ga Miteru Season 4: Episode 12

Too late the hero? Red roses suck. Yellow roses rock.

Okay, this is what the episode was... A repeat performance of the old "find-my-card" game plus Touko's cruelly wrenching pseudo-drama which does not get any sympathy from me. Symbolisms dot the story, such as Touko's search for Yumi's card in a small room, which reflects her narrow state of mind. Though she apparently is wider down there (see episode 11) than up in her head, she took away most of the airtime with flashbacks and rushed to the outside world after an epiphany. I'm getting tired of the Red family and this must just end. Too much poorly made "drama". Getting tired of Touko is an understatement.

Ever since the previous seasons, I said that the Yellow roses are my favorite among the three because there are a lot of unspoken bonds among them (Yoshino and Rei) that transcends spoken words. It showed today, as it just oozed out of Rei and Yoshino's actions than their words. Hehehe, I thought Rei really had Yoshino's card and was surprised at her face wich had "meh, Yoshino's card" written all over it. It's kinda hard to explain in words but if you saw their backstory (Yoshino's heart operation arc, Rei leaving the rosary to her in the hospital)Their undramatic approach as soeurs) then you'll get what I am trying to say. It's like they know each other too well that they are already beyond the passion stage. Damn, why aren't they the main characters?

So Touko opens the door and unless she has the card with her, she's gonna get more flak from me. Touko comes across as an immature bitch who needs to grow up. I'm sure that leaving her blindfolded, gagged and chained inside a barracks full of Russian Soldiers would do more to make her grow up, even more so than having the Jigsaw killer abduct her and put her on his magnificent contraption and making her chop a limb if she wants to escape death.

In any case, this episode (and this season) attacts unfavorable impressions vis-a-vis the first "Find-my-card and eat-my-chocolate" event. While the previous one was a hilarious laugh trip when Sei was still around (Damn, I remember the good old days) . This one is just a cacophony of the inferior actions of spoiled, immature babies who need at least one more year in middle school.

Thingle Out.

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