Saturday, July 11, 2009

Series I will follow & UFC 100 picks

I've decided. These two series I shall follow for this season.

Spice & wolf 2

I liked the first season, so I'll try giving it a shot. Medieval bestiality for the win.

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0
Seems interesting. 50/50 chance of completion for both series. I will write the first entry about Tokyo magnitude 8.0 in 12 hours, so wait.
UFC 100 Fearless Forecast
Lesnar TKO rd2
Alves KO rd1
Henderson UD rd3
Thiago Sub (triangle) rd2

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Gorging on Genji and his hoe train

Yea you read it right. I'm re-watching the entire series up to ep.9. Damn, I liked ep.6. We have a word for the feeling I felt after watching it: "Sayang". Which means, what a waste for her NOT to be wed to Genji. They had some steamy scenes, so I really feel sorry for the poor lady xD. But fuck, each episode has at least one scene of Genji fondling the female body so yeah.

Canaan looked like a cheap Bee Train knockoff. I won't be joining the bandwagon for that anime.

Stay tuned

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

UFC 100

Damn I can't wait. It's here! UFC 100 is right at the corner so make it a point to watch the BIGGEST MMA card of the year!

Monday, July 6, 2009

XXXholic OVA 2

Mash-up confusion

I'd welcome anything featuring the most beautiful woman in anime, the beloved Yuuko-san, and this is no exception. This was a nice episode overall, but the tie-up with Tsubasa chronicles really lost me. Now I'm confused about the 2nd episode. This won't affect CLAMP-heads that much, especially if they watch both series', but for someone like me who follows only the black mokona, heads will fill with WTF's.

I better start brushing up my CLAMP-skills, that if I had any, and I'll decide on which series to follow this season though I'd say handling 2 is more than enough (I guess). Anyways, I'm just slacking and operating at about 30% now so chill and (don't) enjoy the shit that's called Summer 2009 anime.

Stay tuned.