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Steins;Gate–12 Quick Post

This sums up my reaction for this episode. Exactly –> O__O
**SPOILERS galore….don’t read this post if you haven’t watched this episode yet**
The episode started with a death flag in an hourglass sort of desert environment with Mayuri telling Okabe that they would die in that place but its ok since their will would be carried out by the Mayuri and Okabe in Akihabara.
I wonder if the first scene was seen by Okabe in the present or in the future but the only thing I’m sure off is that this is one cryptic and creepy scene that left me confused at the start of the episode. I got a feeling that this was a scene from the future where Okabe is finding a way to bring back Mayuri and he ended up in that place searching for the ‘original’ Mayuri.

Okabe…what’s your pick? Mayuri or Kurisu? An airhead or a tsundere? Your pick…
I guess he’s heading for the tsundere route. Oh well *shrugs* we shall see…
As much as I love both the girls I still root for the tsundere Kurisu.
On the contrary of the last scene of this episode, the rest of this ep is your usual quirky interactions of the lab members. Seems like everything is the way it should be with that happy atmosphere and the increasing closeness of Kurisu and Okabe.

Suzuha still likes glaring ate Kurisu…this time Kurisu even talked backed at her. Good thing Mayuri’s there to calm the two.
There was a celebration in the lab since Okabe will just hand over the the Time Leap Machine to some organization. Okabe didn’t continue experimenting with that since he’s afraid that it would endanger his companions especially that he’s been receiving scary mails lately. WHAT THE HECK? It was all too late… *sobs*
Even Kurisu and Suzuha are making a progress by trying to be nice to each other…
I agree that Tuturu *ahem* Mayuri is the one with the clearest view of the lab. She keeps the head of the lab members, specially Okabe and Kurisu, on the ground. With her death in this episode and that confusing scene at the opening, I really think that she really plays a huge role in this series other than being a happy-go-lucky girl in the background.

She said that she’s no longer needed in the lab but really, I doubt it. Without her Okabe would have really been a crazy mad scientist so obsessed with his work and he wouldn’t have met any of his friends.

Ah our Suzuha who apparently came from the future…was about to warn them but…

Damn, when I thought she’s gonna have a change of heart…she ran. Damn, I ‘m so pissed with her since she could have prevented everything but she…ran.

I’m also wondering why did the time froze when the SERN guys arrived. Are they the one who did that or some time paradox, magic or whatever is in the work here.

*Gasp* Shining Finger?!
Like I said in my First Impression post….I spoiled myself already but I never expected Shining Finger/Moeka-san would be the spy sent by SERN after all, Suzuha kept on insisting that Kurisu is the spy. Maybe in another time line that happened…who knows?!
Crap, Crap, Crap…..NOOOOOOOOOOO!!
Well, yes I expected that this is the moment that Mayuri would die. With every death flags raised I’m afraid that she’ll get shot immediately (in the party and in the rooftop) but I never expected that scene to be so powerful. Its as shocking as the 3rd episode of Madoka Magica. I even think that Okabe is like Homura since he’ll also try to bring back Mayuri by also travelling back in time.
When she shot Mayuri she kept on saying “Its for FB” who/what the hell is that? Is it possible that she’s been blackmailed to do that…..but why did she have to shoot Mayuri? She could have just let her go if she’s not needed…damn it

Mayuri *sobs*…I know I’ll get to see you again but she’ll ___________ again and again (hoho~ it’s a spoiler I wonder if that made sense). Sigh, this episode just added more questions and little to no answers so far. AHHHHHHH! I wish I have a time machine so that I’ll watch the next episode, then the next and the next.
I can’t wait to watch the next episode and I expect that the pace and atmosphere would change drastically after this ep.

Chidori3souske signing out…not with the usual “until then ~ja” but with Okabe’s…

El Psy Congroo

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