Monday, May 3, 2010

Kaicho wa Maid-sama! - 05


It's about time we get a bit of action in this series. This would be my favourite episode so far because it has a lot of memorable scenes. The highlights of this episode would be Misaki punishing some of the members of the student council with her hair up and wearing her Aikido uniform (oh crap I'm such a sucker with pony tailed girls) then Usui stuck out her tongue for no reason and Misaki getting pissed off. I also went wtf when I thought that something perverted is happening in a classroom 'cause I don't want my Misa-chan to be tainted with those things so thank goodness it was only her friend Sakura doing her homework. I also like the part when Misaki was alone in the café and Usui acted as a stalker that was really hilarious since Usui is already a stalker since this series began. I enjoyed seeing Misaki vulnerable and then getting pissed off that she was able to destroy the handcuff binding her and Usui still breaking that window even though Misaki already knocked out those stalkers.

It's nice to see that every episode Usui tries all kinds of methods to get under Misaki's skin and he's already breaking that tough exterior bit by bit that Misaki was able to open up herself and thanked him earnestly. An example of those things would be when Usui stuck out his tongue for no reason, when he blew at Misaki's neck, grabbing Misaki and saying that she's still a girl even if she's strong, cracking up when she saw Misaki knocked out the stalkers without his help and declaring that Misaki is his personal maid. It seems that he really enjoys himself when he's with Misa-chan.

Next episode is one of my favourite chapters in the manga. Things will get more exciting from her on out. Can't wait for the next episode ^_^

Until then…


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