Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Rideback episode 12 (FINAL) and review

A graceful end

RideBack ends not with a political note, not with a military bang but with something centered on Rin's introspective fulfillment. In the end, a military overthrow wasn't needed because some "reformist" elements within the GGP changed its course from being a dominating military force into something under the national government.

The way Rin had her flashbacks was eerily reminiscent of Evangelion. I kinda anticipated the very same thing that happens afterward, a berserker mode which would just annihilate the "enemy", and true enough, Rin managed to defeat the remaining bots but didn't go berserk. So much for 400% synch rates.

In the end, RideBack was not a political series, nor a mecha/sports one, but a girl's version of a bildungsroman. The RideBack itself symbolized freedom from dissatisfaction with life (as evidenced by Rin's "flying-with-rideback" scene) and represented Rin's transition from an alienated ex-ballerina to someone who is more confident in her own abilities. The "struggle" against GGP was just a step on the way. In one way or another, RideBacks represent a journey not just on roads but in life too.

RideBack is a very good series, both technically and story-wise. The characters were pretty much archetypal though, save for Rin herself--but the story makes up for that. Rin was awesome. She's up there in terms of female coolness. She's definitely one of my favorite heroines alongside Matsuri, Lain and the Major. In terms of graphics, Madhouse does a good job, keeping animation fluid and sharp throughout. Overall, RideBack is a well balanced series suitable for general viewing, though the premise itself does not require as much intellectual firepower to understand, unlike the more artsy series'. People from 6 to 60 years old will enjoy this one because its simple and easy to understand.

Stay Tuned.

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