Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Of Phones and Games

The phone

I have recently learned to make themes for the Nseries because I found out that wallpapers only cover half the screen if you try to apply it the old way. So I tried out the theme creating site (www.ownskins.com) and fair enough, I did my first works which can be seen on the ff: photos.

The first one is a 5/cm per second theme in which the background pic I stumbled upon somewhere in the blogosphere. Sorry about the camera, but I just can’t seem to get a clean shot of this theme. The second is kinda like a girl with a fish whose background I got from danbooru. This time, I got a cleaner shot, but I still had some difficulty getting a steady photo.

I put both up for download, so if you guys want to use the said themes, you can download them at http://www.ownskin.com/theme_detail?t=2TQRVSLq for the fish and http://www.ownskin.com/theme_detail?t=g2lK83B0 for the 5cm/s theme.

The game

This is the meat part of the entry. Just earlier last night, I went to the game store I frequent in hopes of finding maybe one or two new visual novels. It’s a good thing I went there today, because these copies I show you are the last ones left in the store. That’s it. If someone got it before me, it’s game over. As usual, I just took it right away and ran off with a red face, because the one manning the cash register is a chick who I didn’t even look at in fear of looking like a perverted freak. No way. I just took my stuff and Gtfo!...

Let’s see. At the moment, I’ve just started this game called Discipline. Pretty cheesy title, but I think it promises some BDSM by the look of the cover. I haven’t actually gone past the menu yet, since I decided to look at reviews and walkthroughs first before playing. The other two I can try some other day. Bazooka Café sounds like a typical brainless smutfest, so I’d put it on the bottom of my priority list. And this other one about the hot teacher is just meh… Although I’d still try all of them, I’ll put my time on this Discipline game. It just sounds more menacing than the other two.

Anyway, I just feel like gloating right now because this is a reaaally perfectly timed buy. I could’ve ended up with none hadn’t I dropped by earlier today.



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