Monday, March 23, 2009

White Album episode 12

Leading up to the big day. Nice boat? Noch Nicht.

Episode 12 was one of the better episodes of the series as the story broke from the monotonous crap which was the last two weeks or so and did some real plot movement. Touya is still a cheater though, even if he already knows all too well about Yuki’s real feelings. That same cheating attitude got him fired by Rina, who is acting more like the best girl, though her little stray out of line at the beginning of the episode tells us that even she is not perfect. Mana Mizuki’s mom is the manager if the brats who want to steal the two girls’ thunder and the rapist jerk “stabs” Misaki, a blatant tease to fans wanting a nice boat to happen.

The best character of this week happened to be Rina for standing by her principles and firing the jerk who “hurt” her friend (which is impossible). Mana follows because of her being instrumental for Touya to have that much coveted ticket. Misaki and Haruka are “too late the heroes”, although three tickets are better than one and I enjoyed seeing Misaki crumple down the floor in a faux-stabbing attack. What did that dude Akira do again? Nothing, but then again, Touya’s no better. Yayoi slumps down the rankings big time. I don’t like cheaters, but I hate people who lick other people more.

On the other hand, Yuki’s also at fault. She should’ve said this at the beginning, that she won’t be able to communicate with Touya for the meantime. All that “let’s-keep-it-hush-hush” crap is useless if you can’t stand by it. She’s a mental midget FFS. This kind of people are the ones who cannot cope up when they are not themselves. It’s like Cro Cop (not taking anything away from the LHK master), but they’re the same. Once things aren’t comfortable, they break. In this case, Yuki’s almost close to breaking because she wants that cheating jerk so bad, she’ll do anything.

I’m pretty much saving my words for next week, so if you may, please follow this blog until the final episode of the series that is wracked with mediocrity. Stay tuned.

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