Sunday, March 8, 2009

Maria Sama ga Miteru Season 4: Episode 10

I want to find your card... But I must defer it to give way to people who are NOT rushing at all!!!

Note 1: Marimite is one tame piece for a story with an all girls school setting, so tame that it scores a zero in the erotic category. I've just read something that kept Mr.Woody awake all night so I just wanted to share what I think about Marimite.

Note 2: Contrary to what Sleepy said, there aren't any ShimakoXNoriko action in this episode. The farthest I saw was just some hand-clasping before the entire group.

Just for how long will we be forced to watch Yumi's protracted effort to win Touko's heart? Episode 10 was a perfect opportunity for the producers to initiate some plot turns to keep this shit from dragging too long. For instance, they should've done the "Find my card" game this week, instead of postponing it. Noriko and Shimako could've developed their characters more if that happens, and I would've been content.

Well, the finding cards game was I believe done during the earlier seasons. I think this is done during the time when Yumi made the infamous chocolates of death for Sei, correct me if I'm mistaken. But that was an awesome display of scriptwriting fireworks. I am not sure if that will be matched anytime soon. In short, the things that are happening aren't anything new. It's just a new cycle but with the youngins taking the helm. This is also a good opportunity if this season could compare to its predecessors.

Yumi said it so herself, she's not hurrying. She doesn't want Touko to be her soeur ASAP, therefore we need not gorge ourselves with a per week update on Yumi's hunt for Touko's heart. Well, this isn't bad per se, but this has been the trend this whole season. Character development is hurt by this over-emphasis on the Red Roses.. I want to see more C/D, especially from the other rose families. This season had some, but the inequality is still glaring.

Also seen in this episode is the confirmation that Suguru is indeed gay and the love he feels towards the girls is not of the romantic kind. If not romantic, then platonic maybe, but at the same time, if not romantic, then he doesn't desire Sachiko's pure, soft flesh. Did anyone notice that Sachiko's mom didn't suspect some fucking at the toilet? That's the telltale sign, though I'd take Sachiko ANYDAY! (Sachiko looked good this week, haven't you noticed? Motivated animators, maybe.)

This is my take. Disagree if you wish.

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