Wednesday, March 11, 2009

White Album episode 10

Holy Macaroni. This is the reason why I make my music alone

It seems Touya’s given up on the Yuki he knew and is actively riding the Rina and Yayoi wave. Although I’ve seen this play itself out time and again, I still want to watch, just out of spite. Some things are new though, Rina feels vulnerable for the first time, but interestingly keeps calm about it. She even cares more about Yuki’s wasted effort but what’s with the number written in lipstick? Is it Touya’s apartment unit? I don’t know.

Yayoi fell short of the iron lady archetype. Her stalker got under her skin despite her emotionless reply which may have just made him angrier. Now she’s throwing herself at Touya for the third time-- this time for protection Damn…

I don’t see anything new in the story as a whole. It’s just the same “boring boy gets a lot of girls because his girl is changed” story. I am dragging myself to write something new, but the show itself is not helping. It’s just different girls. Now, Touya will preoccupy himself with Rina and Yayoi. No more Misaki. What’s new aside from the girls? Nothing. What’s new about Touya? Nothing as well.

Touya can’t even deliver a beatdown to that jerkoff who looked at him that way. Weaksauce.


You see, this is what I hate about the pop star process. Why do you need to dance around in choreographed steps while singing? It’s gay and unnatural as hell, especially when you also think about rival pop groups and try to compete for ratings. REALITY CHECK: Only idiots judge musicians by their looks! The pop music process of producing stars is ultimately bad for the music. Unlike metal, which comes from the heart, pop music comes from the manipulation of composers and lyricists who do all the work for the artist. All that’s left to for the artist is to sing something alien to him/her. The only singers I take seriously are those who write their songs—and usually, they’re in a band (with exceptions of course). Let me take the opportunity to plug my songs here. Please visit http://www.soundclick.com/djsexmacht or This song for more details. The songs are old though, all made before 2007.

Stay tuned

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