Friday, March 13, 2009

Rideback Episode 9

Achtung! Der Angriff Beginnt!

The GGP, angered by its string of defeats finally declares martial law and enforces a total lockdown on Japan. Our heroes, 2 of which are already in their watchlist remain in hiding while the existence of the Right to Ride Back is endangered.

The GGP ( or Crybaby Romanoff) meant business in this episode. Who could've thought that this little guerrilla group could bully the national government? That's some serious political power they posess right there, and now they're using it. Hah! the dictators! Who the fuck do they think they are. Confiscating things just because one party decides for it is a bit "un-21st century" isn't it? I understand the protesters more than the GGP or the BMA, or both. Props to four-eyes. He grew balls.

Nice character development for Tamayo. We get to know her background in this episode, how she started her Rideback career, and what kind of dad she had that let her ride one in the first place. Now, I'm really looking forward to what role she'll play in this conflict. She looks pretty intent on continuing the RideBack life, though Rin calls it quits (something I predicted 2 episodes ago).

Sorry if I'm a bit lazy and slow this week. I got bogged down by three papers and a movie presentation, all to be submitted on the same day. I shall take my Final exams next week so expect me to be busy until March 21 at the earliest... Actually, I'm saving my words for the upcoming review of The Sky Crawlers. I just saw the movie about 30 minutes ago and I decided to get this (RideBack) over with so that I could start on it. I loved the movie BTW. I don't understand why some reviews found it boring... I'll come up with a counter to that. Just wait. I'll definitely get it done.


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