Thursday, May 21, 2009

Eden of the East episode 6

Some "NEET" technology

I may be an alpha-meathead when it comes to pumping iron and beating people up, but I recognize good technology when I see one, and there's one right here. The digital identification technology developed by Saki's little nerd friend is an absolute win. I've been a fan of HUD's because I'm also a big fan of (Russian) fighter planes (and dogfights) in general, so I enjoy that little bits of information flashing over a transparent surface and the technology shown this week is a step towards the future. A jump. Transforming something military into something suited for civilian use, albeit not done by the industry, but by some little nerd who hangs out with her fellow NEETS-- the very same people "some" like to exterminate earlier in the season. Just imagine strapping one phone with the software unto your head and VOILA, instant personal HUD!

That said, Takizawa makes an unlikely alliance with the guys as on one hand, they call themselves NEETS, while on the other, Takizawa has a past of rounding NEETS up for some unknown reason. I wonder of what use are they of each other aside from being simple friends . On another note, one of them will have his dick lopped off by the dick slicer, but as shown yesterday, he deserves it anyway, being a loser and all that so don't mind him. Better not have his loser genes passed on though the bitch still needs to be tied up herself.

Stay tuned.

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