Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Rideback Episode 10

GGP 1 , Team Ogata 0. A reason to fight, a person to avenge.

Do any of you know the story of Patroclus, the Greek hero who wore Achilles' armor into battle, killed a few baddies but ultimately got killed by Hector? Well, you see, the same thing happened here. In this episode, four-eyes dresses up in Rin's riding suit en route to a protest against the GGP. However, she gets KILLED.Capital K, as she was in the middle of her flag-waving to Rin. One blow to the head and blood spurts out...she might be beheaded too.

I must give kudos to whoever directed this episode. You successfully kept the main plot twist until "that moment". For most of the episode, I expected some more crawling, leading up to battle action (that little trojan planting by the ex-commandos), but not this. Not this. Now, Rin has a personal reason to fight the GGP. She saw this murder before her eyes. Even I never thought that this would happen. Thumbs up for you mate! :)

Though four-eyes was not that major of a character, the thing that made the murder sickening was the her little flashback. That innocent, though sometimes lesbian-like girl who was shown doing friendly stuff then instantly dying after one hell of a whack. Tsk tsk. Poor girl. This coming from a guy who likes brutal rapes and stuff... This shit I just saw was different.

To sum it up, GGP 1, Ogata 0. The GGP scored the first blood, literally.

Stay tuned for the best series of winter 2009, though its already summer here in the Philippines

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