Friday, March 20, 2009

White album episode 11

Not even a lick can keep me awake.

Okay, more dilly-dallying from the characters and just one major plot twist. Mind if you skip everything and just watch the part where Touya says he's going to see Yayoi. YAAAWWWN.

The episode, well for most of the time was boring. Haruka, Misaki and Mana should be taken out already, as they are just eyesores when the main focus of the episode is to build up tension for the upcoming concert. Nobody really cared about them anymore, especially that dog Haruka. I never liked Mana and Misaki fell too far down for saving.. Fuck the three shits.

Fortunately, something's brewing. 2, in fact. First is the artificaial miscommunication between Yuki and Touya, which must succeed, as Touya is a weak male lead. Second is the slow moves by Yayoi to capture him away from Yuki's orbit. Indeed, if it's not Rina, its the licker. Yayoi should be named the "Emotional scavenger". She's like a fucking vulture.

I just want this series to end. Don't expect me to cover season 2.

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