Monday, July 6, 2009

XXXholic OVA 2

Mash-up confusion

I'd welcome anything featuring the most beautiful woman in anime, the beloved Yuuko-san, and this is no exception. This was a nice episode overall, but the tie-up with Tsubasa chronicles really lost me. Now I'm confused about the 2nd episode. This won't affect CLAMP-heads that much, especially if they watch both series', but for someone like me who follows only the black mokona, heads will fill with WTF's.

I better start brushing up my CLAMP-skills, that if I had any, and I'll decide on which series to follow this season though I'd say handling 2 is more than enough (I guess). Anyways, I'm just slacking and operating at about 30% now so chill and (don't) enjoy the shit that's called Summer 2009 anime.

Stay tuned.


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