Saturday, April 11, 2009

First Impressions #3: Eden of the East

Jason Bourne is fond of dick waving

Seriously, this show is really the core of this season's line-up, well at least for me. We got something ripped out of a Jason Bourne film plus an unlikely duo and a missile attack at the end. That must be some serious plot-planting right from the outset. Seems serious to me, but this first episode is comical enough to be watched without a political mind (*shanrgri-la*Cough*) .

I liked the flow of the first ep. It had balanced character development, action and the producers even got English speaking dudes to voice American characters, though neglecting to explain why they can understand Japanese. Oh well, the characters are interesting enough, but Jason Bourne looks and acts too much like this lazy bum from Honey and Clover. The girl is innocent looking, but she "secretly" likes looking at his dick, though she just tries to hide it by making her eyes look like saucers and turning into SD mode. In short, we got this dick-waving amnesiac terrorist and his unwilling but now willing sidekick who considers him as her prince. Wow. The romance. How blatantly obvious, but mysteriously interesting as well.

The OP animation was great, english lyrics by a has-been band from the 90's. The words superimposed on the animation screen reminds me of a crossbreed between Ergo Proxy's OP and the first ED of Nana.. I tell you, those words enhance the expressiveness of the animation itself.

You can bet on me blogging this until it ends. Well, wasn't that the plan anyway?

Stay tuned.

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