Thursday, April 9, 2009

First Impressions #2: Ristorante Paradiso 1 & 2

Where characters look just as good frowning

Heh, this show reeks of old Italian men fetish. Whenever I think of Italy, I think really sexy cars, but this is all about an Italian cafe staffed by old "gentlemen" and patronized by MI(don't)LF's who get wet whenever they are served by the geezers (think maid cafes', but reverse the gender role). We got this young feisty heroine who essentially uses her mother's "little secret" to her own advantage while acclimatizing to Italian life and falls for one of the old farts in the process that she even tried to femrape him but to no avail.

I would say that this is close to what I expected before any episodes aired. I kinda expected an introspective slice of life heavy on dialouge, and good enough, I got a slice-of-life with heavy dialouge plus some odd fetishes and a really likable heroine. The story's interesting enough to follow through until the end, but the art is just decent. Passable, average, flat at times and the only thing that stood out was Nicoletta's face. Somehow, she looks better pouting than smiling. There's something in that face that makes it so.

One more thing, fuck crunchyroll. Fuck their region exclusivity. Fuck licensors in America trying to affect those who are not in places where their licenses take effect. Long live file sharing. Long live torrents. Long live fucking Megaupload, Rapidshare, Filefactory, Mediafire and every fucking free filehosting site on the planet. Leave Crunchyroll, that verdammt hell hole, to 10 year old narutards who ask their mommies for the latest headgear.

Stay tuned.

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