Wednesday, April 8, 2009

First Impression: Valkyria Chronicles - 01 and K-ON! -01

Disclaimer: If I blogged the first episode that doesn’t mean that I’ll stick to it. It’s just that I want to give shows a chance before saying that they sucked.

Valkyria Chronicles - 01

It has a good opening episode and good production value. My only rant is how they did the shadowing but I’ve got to complement the way they made the CG tanks because I think it was nicely done. The characters seems likeable especially Alicia’s character because of her very expressive face. On the other hand Welkin is such an idiot and his sister, Isara, looks like the weak type but reliable. The OP and the ED song didn’t impress me yet but maybe I can learn to like it as the series progresses just like the songs of Toradora!. The ED song complements the cute ED sequence. I smell a possible love interest in Welkin and Alicia. Marina Inoue really did a good job in voicing Alicia because I can feel the emotions of the characters because of the effective voice acting. I think the show seems promising ‘cause I think A-1 Picture Inc. did a good job with the production. I know it’s still early to say that the production value is good but I’m really impressed. I think I’ll be sticking with this show till the end.

K-ON! - 01

The animation in this series is different than the animation of the previous KyoAni titles. When the head moves a little the hair moves with exaggeration. Even the hands are very animated with much detail with the exchange of sacrificing the animation of the background, an unusual approach in terms of animation for KyoAni. I think it has a very decent debut episode and it gives us hints on what to expect for future episodes. The OP is decent but nothing special even the OP sequence. I liked the ED song better and the animation sequence that goes with it, it’s like a music video. I’m liking the character of Mio and also Ritsu because Mio makes cute faces while Ritsu is cool especially when playing drums. I think I’ll continue watching this but I don’t think I’ll blog it since I’m more interested blogging Valkyria Chronicles than this.

Until then..

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