Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Last Impressions #1: Phantom:Requiem for the phantom

Ein(s), Zwei? Wo ist nummer drei?

I'm having a nasty fever after a really nice weightlifting day, so I just sat all day in front of the computer, drinking gallon after gallon of water, ate a lot of protein and pissed and shit it off all day. I had nothing to do so I took a watch and boy, this anime is the definition of mediocre. We get this generic assassin A and B story, generic mobs and generic invincible adolescents. It's Noir all over again, this time, with crappy animation and shit like that plus that funny German code names. So, I've decided. I won't be blogging this anymore. I may watch the few succeeding episodes and may change my mind, I thought that doing 5 entries a week would be too tedious for me, as proven by last season's performance.

Therefore, I'll still do the other four and the next post will be about Ristorante Paradiso, Eden of the East or both.

Stay tuned.


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