Saturday, April 25, 2009

Eden of the East episode 3

Definition of terms?

Okay, episode 3 was slower as expected. The seeds of the main plot had been sown and things are more or less, clearer now. For the first time, we know for a fact(?) that Takizawa is a part of a shady organization whose involvement in the missile attacks grow clearer by the day. The question is, why? Yes, they may be "forced to play a shitty game, bokurano style", but the extent of their involvement are still unknown. Some rules of the game are also revealed, such as the purpose of the special cell phones loaded with e-cash (the colloquial term for it), and the consequences of blowing all 10 billion Yen... Ouch.

I must say that pop culture references aside, this series is veering in the direction of a linear retracing of the memory tale, much like the Bourne trilogy. There will be a lot of action as Takizawa unravels his still unknown past. Unfortunately for Saki, she will be dragged into it. Her innocent flesh will be put to the crucible of the underworld. I hope there will be blood. Just bleed, guys. Now that Takizawa has the vaguest idea of who the flying fuck he is, he will inevitable retrace his identity before the wipe, and what all these things mean, though his case will not be as serious as Jason Bourne's, as he comes off as a happy-go-lucky goof like his spiritual predecessor, Shinobu Morita.

All in all, I liked the episode. Though it is slower than the first ep, it does not pull punches for a third ep. Most series by this time either reveal too much or plod too slowly. This does not. The pacing is just right, tease the audience but don't blow the load. The visual quality hasn't dropped yet, though I don't expect it to anyway. But I saw through that little cheat in the parking lot scene. Way to go making light reflection effects on the floor.

Stay tuned.

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