Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Eden of the East episode 2

When losing one's memory seems good, given the benefits

It goes without saying that Jason Bourne is the luckiest amnesiac on the planet. For losing his memory, he gets a (presumably virginal) chick, 8 billion yen and a new identity. Well, let's discuss that. This episode opens the main plot IMO, the organization Jason used to be connected to is given light, and it's not a very good one. They seem to operate like spies, but nothing much is known at the moment. They might even be involved in the "Careless Monday attacks". It looks like they are all connected by a weird cell phone with a huge amount of money. Jason Bourne can practically buy 80 Lamborgini Reventons with that money, and some change to spare.

The show definitely built Saki up to be sidekick material. Yea, that kind of sidekick. Innocent-looking girl, loving family, easily frightened by finger snaps, forced into trouble. Basically, the archetypal hero. As early as now, she already fell for Jason Bourne (or maybe his Johnny) . Just look at her blush. That blush is a "fuck me" blush. Well, that's one thing one musn't do. Falling in love with spies/assasins is equal to inviting trouble, and they are already spotted together, so it may make life hard for Saki.

Altogehther, a very good episode quality-wise. Much better than the other shows this season. One can notice the power of money in these times. I.G. must be throwing lots into this series, and it shows.

Stay Tuned.

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