Tuesday, April 21, 2009

First Impression: Pandora Hearts - 01 & Slap Up Party - 01

Disclaimer: If I blogged the first episode that doesn’t mean that I’ll stick to it. It’s just that I want to give shows a chance before saying that they sucked.

Pandora Hearts - 01

The first episode sure reeks of mediocre, from the animation, character design, plot and many more….yup mediocre. I really had a hard time finishing this episode mainly because it’s not that interesting. I wasted my time watching Oscar, her sister and Gilbert walking around the estate and I can’t find anything interesting in that. The slow paced episode sure made me drowsy so I’m sure that I won’t be watching this. Ugh, poor production, poor writing and poor everything so sayonara.

Slap Up Party - 01
The first episode is quite decent for a Gonzo anime but I find the first part to be overly dramatic but still there are some interesting aspect like the Demon Knights, the Kazan curse and how did Baron found that sword that seem to belong to the companion of Roxie, who become a chibi after the incident in the cave. I thought that I’ll dislike Baron’s character but it turns out that I dislike the gunner guy (he’s kind of irritating) and I kinda like Baron. Despite his looks, he is a very kind guy.

The OP song and sequence is quite ok but I like the ED better coupled with its animation sequence which is cute. The animation, I think it’s quite inconsistent but decent compared to Pandora Hearts. I think it’ll get worse as the series progress as typical of Gonzo but hey, if they make the plot work I don’t have a problem with the animation but heck, its Gonzo and I expect them to ruin the plot (yare yare..).

I enjoyed the first episode despite its flaws but I think I won’t be blogging this but I think I’ll still watch this.

until then..


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