Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Shangri-la Episode 2

Markets, Manipulations, Militaries, Maidens

So the plot thickens but still stays founded on the four main women of the series. But damn, that world they live in is really a liberal's paradise. However, in almost every economic environment, there are those who will fare better than the rest-- the anime is no exception.

I said the plot thickened, not moved much (linearly). The story's still there, firmly grounded on young women in a world where CO2 use has a price. But new elements are introduced/elaborated in this episode. Things such as the resonating swords, poisonous flora and fauna and the various factions (the military, the capitalists and the cult and the rebel group), which will ultimately all come crashing into each other in the next few episodes.

Characters still remain poorly developed though, Mary Sue is still mary sue. Ms. "AL" Gore still profits from climate change, Tranny is still a man-hunting manwhore. Desu-eyes is still creepy ala that demon from Shikabane Hime kuro and the lurid mistress still treats her manlets as pieces of meat. All of the (REAL) girls, excluding Mary Sue and especially the mistress need a raping and must have their clits sliced (torn) off either by fingernails or by teeth (savagely, of course).

This show may sway both sides. There is a chance for it to become a serious sci-fi contender, but it may also turn out bust and be remembered as a tragicomedy which bit off more than it could swallow.

Stay tuned.

PS: The tropical world is wildly inaccurate as depicted in this episode. I live in a tropical part of the world, where the words "hot" and "wet" are a constant fact of life. I can attest to it that we do not cover our noses nor pack on oxygen tanks in forests. In fact, it makes more sense for us to do it (the exact same thing) in urban areas, such as Makati.

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