Sunday, March 1, 2009

RideBack Episode 7

Wavering Resolve

Bad signs from Rin in this episode. It seems that seeing her brother tortured with white noise and their subsequent detention took a heavy toll on her morale. Throughout the episode, we do not see the same intrepid Rin who rocked her way into being the best heroine of the year. What we saw instead was a shell of herself. Obviously sleep deprived (look at the eyes), passive and terrified, Rin cracked and admitted that she wanted nothing to do with ridebacks anymore.

However, the other characters had different plans. Big nose was revealed to be connected to the BMA who rescued Rin towards the end of the show. He also put Fuego out of hiding and apparently rejoined the BMA organization. This only means one thing. This man is preparing to go all-out against the GGP. Tamayo too, but the signs of her going the same path is much less evident, but at the moment, she possesses Fuego.

Finally, the white haired guy revealed himself. I think that he's a hardore BMA guy, judging by the way he is portrayed. Furthermore, his apparent knowledge about RideBacks suggests that he may not be just a goon. Yep, he and Rin see each other again. Who knows what might transpire?

All in all, the epsiode signalled a change of pace in the series. I personally no longer look forward to Rin's one man rescue attempts because it will surely take a while before she even touches a rideback again. What I expect is the re-focusing of the story to the rise of the BMA and the chaos that will follow. Now that some frontline characters already have their links with the organization established, I see no reason for the BMA to stay as a backdrop.

Stay tuned.

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