Monday, March 2, 2009

Maria Sama ga Miteru Season 4: Episode 9


What a twist to the plot just before the end of the episode. Throughout before the 20-minute mark, I've found myself writing Fuck Touko at this blogs's header, for a good reason. Why? Because she acted like a bitch when her true intentions were that of a saint. Well, there were give-aways though, like Yumi's conversation with Touko's mom and Touko's attitude in general. She behaved as if she didn't have any intention to compete, despite whatever idea you had in your mind.

Although the plot is thin and can be summarized into the sentence "Touko runs for office with the intention of losing for the sake of the three rosas while acting strangely in the process.", the episode doesn't deprive us of precious character development. Yoshino's straightforward honesty is consistent, while Noriko proved once again that she had the galls to stand her ground and support Shimako, even though Touko is also her friend. Unfortunately, it also showed that Yumi is a mental midget and without the support of the more stable girls, I doubt if she would've been able to handle herself the way she did.

So does this change my perceptions about Touko? I was definitely about to write YES 10 minutes ago, but seeing that she didn't want to usurp my three roses then I'd just say "a little". She comes across as this two-faced bitch who can and will mess with your mind just for kicks. That alone would make anyone feel negative towards the person. Good intentions aside, she can be a manipulative bitch in the future.

Stay tuned. I'll write about white album in a few hours so stay put.

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