Friday, March 6, 2009

RideBack episode 8

Rin is not YET a terrorist

Wow! What an espisode. We got gunfights and ridebacking action this week. What could I ask more? Things have definitely heated up. The mysterious black-wearing dude was revealed to be a former comrade of Big nose and the GGP head, but he’s a full on terrorist who now leads the BMA. So basically the story this week is that the GGP, tired of cat-and-mouse games with the guerilla force, decides to do one of Sun Tzu’s mistakes to avoid—sending their army charging like ants and losing badly afterwards.

Finally, some bit of backstory about the GGP was given. So they did start as a terrorist group themselves, but won a war using radical technology (RideBacks). The BMA? Nah. They aren’t half the shadow GGP is in terms of guerilla innovation. The BMA at this point is just a nuisance and a run-of-the-mill militia who could hardly resist a military skirmish without their MVP.

So where does this leave Rin? I take back what I said about her not riding RideBacks in the future. It turned out that she did. Obviously, she’s a targeted girl. But she ain’t a terrorist either. Sitting there in the rear doesn’t count as combat experience. However, chances are high that she’ll eventually fight for the BMA, given that reason and the fact that she’s got the hots for Kiefer. It’s painted all over her face when she saw him do a Rideback somersault. Man, why do the bad boys get the chicks? But, a BIG but, ain’t her brother still a detainee? What about it? Does it bother her at this point? Or did Fuego serve as a better brother than her human sibling? Of course that must be tackled.

Stay tuned

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